Assimilation, The

“It will be called the Assimilation, and is maybe the biggest perk in Blinker’s victory over Wheeler for control of Collagesity. Wheeler will not fade away, but she is not The World now, the endpoint. Obviously this development continues, and more in line with where it began now”



“Karoz is also changing — finally! — and is trying with all his might to keep up. Collagesity is safer than ever. Like Hillary’s lead over you know who.”


“We don’t say that name down here. Or try not to. You don’t know what’s ahead.”


“You can ask more questions about the Assimilation, though. It’s an important event for us.”

“How do I slow it down?”

“You don’t. You let it proceed in its own way. TILE is connected. Ask Karoz soon enough.”

“Thanks. What does this mean for Collagesity going forward?”



“He said we’re going to have to build a wall, Karl.”

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