Tom the Busker was schedule to perform at Starbuccaneers on the night of Tuesday, October 26th, but we instead found him encased in a force field of his own choosing. He wishes not to be famous. He is blocking fame and wealth. Another blocker.


So in place of a pleasant evening listening to the avant-gard stylings of a master at his trade, Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch mainly stare at each other in muted desperation. Spongeberg is also at Starbuccaneers.

“How’s the sushi here?” he asks the couple beside him, trying to help.


“That’s the Blue Feather,” Baker Bloch responds rather tersely. “Down the road.”

“Well… what are we doing sitting here?” Spongeberg then asks.



“Wow, some view, eh?” says Spongeberg at the Blue Feather 15 minutes later. “Where’s the food?”

But Baker Bloch “answers” Spongeberg by turning into Steptoe Butte again, one of the 3 members of the infamous rock band known around these here parts as Story Room.


“Get me Karoz,” the headless entity responds in a much more ghoulish voice than Baker Bloch. “And this time: make it real.” He laughs like a banshee and fades away.

“Why are we not friends before?” asks a likewise changed Baker Blinker to Spongeberg. She has pitch black eyes now. “I am Baker too.”


“I — I don’t know lady,” Spongeberg stammers. “I don’t live here. I just came to hear the music. Tom whats-his-name. Tom Busker? No: Tom the Busker. Actually, I don’t know his last name. I just heard he was good. Furry Karl recommends him. So does Cardboard. You know Cardboard (don’t you)? Lady? Hey lady?”


“What’s she doing out there now?”




Baker Bloch blocks the Blue Feather back up as they leave. They’ll get no reasonable food there this evening. “Haunted,” he finishes.


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