State of the Town


Give me a report, Baker Bloch. What is it?


Everything is actually more than I expected. The latest development is the Blue Feather, the feather in the cap perhaps.


How is that going?


Certainly it is centered by an interesting triangle. I’m not sure it’s a triangle with a topping eye, as Karoz supposed recently to you. LINK


That would be Wheeler. Wheeler leads now.


I guess so. You’re okay with that?



“Then he just mentioned that wall again and told me to talk to you instead. Said you were a better person to chat with about all this.”

“It’s a she, once more,” says Furry Karl once more. “Carrcassonneee — she.”

“Of course,” returns Baker Bloch.

“And the last time I talked to you and Baker Blinker, the 2 Bakers, you were turning all blue and lightning-y. What gives?”

“We decided to go somewhere. Talk to someone. Someone else. Not of this town.”

“Well, Baker Bloch, I’m all ears.”

[Baker’s reply blocked]

Furry Karl looked very surprised. “How are *those* mofos?”

“I have an idea,” interrupted Curled Paper in a crisp, slightly rattly voice, still sitting at the end of the bar and reading his Winesap book with the twinned Swifts within. “It’s a bright one.”

After a pause where no one says anything, Baker Bloch whispers to Karl behind his hand: “Is he a fixture here now, Karl?”

“I don’t think he has anywhere else to go,” came Furry Karl’s less whispered reply. “And then there’s the other one: Little Climbing Light. He’s worst than the first one, to quote Oz again.” Then they both realized how impolite they were in continuing to not answer Curled Paper’s question. Baker Bloch turns toward him. Or her.


“Of course you can give us — share with us your idea, Curled Paper. It is Curled Paper, right?”

“Correct. Mr. Paper to some. I’m from Nautilus as well, as is my brother LCL. You imply that he’s the more evil one — I overheard; I know Oz — but we are not evil. Just misplaced. We do not belong here. We are wishing also (like Wheeler?) to return to Nautilus. The northern part. The place of not Oz but Mars.”

“Interesting,” states Baker Bloch. “What do you think of the lower part? Do you call that (in part) Austra as well?”

“The whole continent is Austra,” came Curled Paper’s reply. “At least it use to be. The place of lemony goodness. There we were respected and honored as a unique species of avatars. Here (in the land of Lindens) we are just shunned. Here it is white male or white female. Correct proportions, but curiously with large rumps for the female species usually. And larger chests and breasts (for both). I know of the real world counterparts. What gives on that, Baker Bloch and Furry Karl? Enlighten me on that. And, yes, I’ll get to my idea in a moment. It’s a good one. It will lighten up your lives as well.”

Furry Karl gives his slant on the subject. “This is not the real world, Curled — can I call you just Curled?”

“That is fine.”

“So, Curled, let me explain to you something, and I’m tapping into my flattie culture for this one. Down here — in Lala-land; that’s Second Lyfe to you and me — things get a bit mixed up at times. The women think they need to look one way when the men don’t think so. Same for the men with the women. All’s we have to do is *stray* from the so-called normal — here — to get the correct focus and perspective. That’s from the perspective of us flatties. The 3d-ers have it wrong (in terms of general “normal”). There’s not enough diversity. That’s why you and your kind are certainly welcome in Collagesity, and I’m sure Baker Bloch would agree.”

“Most definitely,” Baker Bloch assures Curled Paper. He speaks to Karl: “Buy my new friend a drink for me. Let’s make certain he’s welcome here from now on. He’s not a joke or novelty avatar. He’s just who he is. Look at Karoz, for Christ’s sake. Remember when those witches gypsies over at The Moon of Maebaleia tried to get him a makeover, Karl? That was frigg’n 7 years ago (!). So I would add to Karl’s response, Curled, and say to you that you are *born* here with certain attributes, and that is your legacy, your heritage. Cherish it. Don’t be afraid to change who you are, but make sure the thing you change into is still the you from birth. The soul does not change.”

“Well put, Baker Bloch. Here’s your beer Curled Paper. You can drink free the rest of the week, matter of fact. And get your brother in on the deal as well.”

“He only stands,” says Curled Paper. “He can’t get in because of the door. You sank the bar too low.”

“So *that’s* what that was all about,” exclaims Furry Karl, looking toward the bar’s orange entrance. “You’re not witches atall!”


“Maybe it’s time to move that bookcase out of the way now, Karl,” a standing Baker offers, looking toward same. We have enough blocks in town as is, he then thinks.

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