Day After 01

Baker Bloch can’t resist taking a sunrise snapshot of the Rubi Woods from the Blue Feather club while making his morning rounds.


The creepy, crooked men from the past had to go, Baker feels. He makes the picture blank for now.


One of Baker’s jobs as town custodian is to make sure all the street lights are turned off at dawn and then switched back on at dusk.


In this vein, he’s also just turned out all of the lamps at the Blue Feather. Busy night last night there. Maybe he can delegate that particular responsibility to Syd Barrett Gothic, when he comes on the payroll. If he’s added — there’s the whole Wheeler controversy about not having food or drinks served at the club. Orange Bar owner Furry Karl, not surprisingly, has her back on this. The Bakers’ are split. Karoz is for drinks and not food. He just wants to enjoy the space, glass of absinthe in hand. The green fairy.





He inspects the Confluence Pool for trash and scum.


Wheeler’s shed…


… has to go. “Can’t afford 11 more prims,” Baker talks to himself. “Plus it doesn’t belong there. I should make Wheeler responsible for rezzing her own bathrooms or whatever she’d call them. Changing rooms, perhaps.” More delegation. It pleases him to consider.

“Hmmm, those collages. Are they official? Spider is still up in Carrcassonne’s gazebo, so maybe not.”


Up he goes into the bowels of spooky, red-lit Castle Jack.



Is the town, as a whole, overvaluing its past as VWX Town, Rubi style? I *did* have more land and prims to work with there than at any other time in My Second Lyfe existence, but Collagesity (its successor town) has been around for almost 2 1/2 years now, and represents a deeper and truer well of history. VWX Town — 3 years back now — was so short lived in comparison. Couldn’t afford that much land for too long. Still, the experience was invaluable.



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