Bodega? Analysis 03

“One more and we’ll end tonight, Baker Bloch. Baker b.”

“Thanks. Okay.”

“We’re at ‘Twisted’. This refers physically to the twisted appearance of David Bowie’s tie in the lower center. But it also represents a twisted, tortured soul. Bowie’s appearance is matched with a cartoon version of Twin Peaks character Windom Earle, not seen in The Return LINK.”

“No. He didn’t make the cut, apparently.”

“But Bowie did, or wanted to anyway. Although not specifically an image of his Twin Peaks’ character Phillip Jeffries, the fact that his suit matches Windom Earle’s is indicative of such.”

“Meaning that this is suppose to represent Phillip Jeffries, because both Windom Earle and Phillip Jeffries served in the FBI on the Blue Rose Project headed by Gordon Cole. That character (Cole) is played by David Lynch in Twin Peaks.”

(note: later Windom Earle went insane and started torturing and killing people; Phillip Jeffries may have done the same, although the show and attached movie leaves this unsettled.)

“Right, Baker Bloch. This is David Bowie. This is Phillip Jeffries. In one. And to the left: Laura Palmer, but with face covered by a symbol of an owl’s head.”

“And a hand,” says Baker, looking on.

“And a hand. Another hand seems to insert Windom Earle into the collage. We must assume this is either the same hand, or the opposite hand of the same 4th Wall being. This is yourself, most likely. Or yourself as baker b. the collagist. Collagesity collagist.”

(note: Hucka Doobie, after reading this post, clarified that these hands represent The Oracle as a whole through a fused Laura and Windom.)


“And there’s a smaller owl representation in the sky, with Laura’s head revealed inside this time. This is the younger Laura, the one in seasons 1 and 2. The older Laura from season 3, The Return, is instead obscured. This is not the same Laura. We find out that at the end of The Return. Twin Peaks symbols abound in both the collages here but most importantly in the current novel. Jacob I. — Jacobi Jacoby, the psychiatrist of Twin Peaks, who is from Hanalei, Hawaii. He wore blue and red lensed glasses. He is associated with a broken heart locket, which he stole half of from (Laura’s boyfriend James). It was suppose to represent her and James, but Jacobi loved Laura too. A number of townspeople loved Laura [delete 2 sentences].”

“I’d say they’re in different spheres.”

“Good enough. Like the 2 Lauras of the collage? Something to ponder, perhaps.” Hucka Doobie pauses. “Anyway, moving on — old and new Laura, exposed and hidden. Like Hidden Village. What do you call that in real life?”

[delete 3 exchanges]

“Right,” says Hucka Doobie. “The missing ‘l’ of Village is clear indication that The Oracle is, um, indicating. And to oppose this: New Lynne. This is kind of Olde Lapara Towne, the setting of (‘Collagesity 2017 Middle’). And (‘Collagesity 2017 Later’) is set in Hidden Village, or started out there. And will continue there, I suppose (Baker nods). Hidden Village is centred by Central Park. This is where Improvio becomes Jeffrie Phillips. This is a reversal of Phillip Jeffries. This is Bowie, once more. Centre. Oracle.”

“We better end soon, Hucka Doobie. Starbucks will be opening in 15 minutes.”

Hucka Doobie scans the collage again. “The sand castle obviously resonates with the one in the Grassland dunes formerly underneath Audrey’s Bar in Olde Lapara Towne, now deleted to make room for, well, these collages we’re analyzing now.”


“But now it’s returned… Collagesity.”

“Thank you, Hucka Doobie. We’ll be talking soon.”

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