Bodega? Analysis 02

“Ahh. ‘Duncanfollower’. Another portmanteau like ‘Pageturner.’ Who is the Duncan of the title and why would we be following him? This is Duncan Avocado, now half of Paul with the other half white: Even Whiter Walt. The white half and black half are the two sims of Olde Lapara Towne, joined like different races. But here we have just Duncan (to the left). What does that tell us? That we are in the future here. Woody Allen looks on (at Duncan).”

“We’re talking about Timmy Duncan now, Hucka Doobie.”

“Correct. Woody Allen looks at or toward Timmy Duncan who is kind of glued to the side of the Hotel Chelsea over in VHC City, the place where you were exorcised from.”

“Pitch Darkly was expelled,” clarifies Baker Bloch.

“Whatever. I was too in tandem with yourself.”

“No. You can return. *I* really can’t.”

“Whatever,” emphasizes Hucka Doobie. “‘Woody Allen’ is another composite name, representing your shapeshifting friend Woody Woodmanson but also Old Man Allen Martin, God rest his soul.”

“Dead, yeah. Don’t think he can come back. Heart attack in the underground. Death. Wheeler knew.”

“Yes. Allen Martin is dead. He loved Wheeler, as The Musician did as well. And still does. But they’ve changed sexes? I’m a little confused about all that.”

“So am I!” confesses Baker Bloch.

“Back to Duncan: Woody Allen looks on, which we know is the death of Allen Martin in VHC City’s underground because Woody Woodmanson changes into Allen Martin just before that. You can put another link there if you choose. Woody to Allen. But behind Woody is the purple clad angel Raziel, which brings to mind Rael, the lead character of ‘Lamb’.”


“And then a giant purple rose is also attached to this group of images, referring to Woody Allen’s film ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo,’ famous for breaking the 4th Wall.”

“One of the characters of the film within the film, the namesake ‘Rose’ movie, steps out of the film within the film and just becomes part of the film. It’s like if you stepped out of Second Life, Hucka Doobie, and went back to First Life again.”

“I don’t have a body (any more up there).”

“Then *this* body. You would look strange walking around.”

“I would prefer to borrow someone else’s body. I will be reborn, you know. Charles Nelson Blinkerton is not dead, only resting.”

“Let’s not go down that road tonight, Hucka Doobie. Back to analysis…”

Hucka Doobie turns toward the collage again. “‘Duncanfollower’… Then behind or on the opposite corner of the building Woody stands in front of is a seemingly more maleficent figure with sickly green wings. This is malefic; golden winged Woody is benefic.”

“Jupiter and Saturn again.”

“This is the hiding aspect of, well, yourself as Baker Bloch. And Pitch Darkly as you prefer. This is the side you can’t show in VHC City.”

“Or anywhere, really.”

“I’m not talking about that side (you’re thinking about). I’m talking about The Diagonal, the Triple Number 97, the Pitch Black property, all real things. VHC City, or the powers that be there, don’t want to buy into (that mythology).”

(note: afterwards Hucka Doobie sees he forgot to talk about the Pitch Black structure appearing in this collage and will return to that important aspect later.)

“No, I would assume not.”

“Else things could be different.”

“Yes, I suppose they could.”

“But,” continues Hucka Doobie,” you have The Oracle to aid you. You’ll always have The Oracle. Even after the end of your US of A.”


“The Oracle told you that the man who created the virtual version of the Hotel Chelsea is named Sikul Hamikt. The one presently managing the property is Vainom Kug. That was suppose to be Wheeler, as the former is The Musician, or, what’s he called now?”

“Earie,” states Baker Bloch. “But he was always Earie, I’m assuming.”

“He is also Sikul Hamikt.”

“But only in dreams.”

“Good enough.” Hucka Doobie studies the collage again. “So I think it’s pretty laid out. Duncan Avocado must return to VHC City and head into the hotel, perhaps to the Nancy Room. Room 100 I believe (Baker nods). Maybe The Musician, who is a punk now after all, will follow him. Or take his place.”

“Up in the air, still.”

“We better move on.”

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