Bodega? Analysis 05

“‘See title 01b’ recreates or re-imagines the *right* side of the parallel ‘see title o1a’. We’re dealing with half the space of the first, or Lapara across the tracks from the actual town again.  We are getting more information about this planned escape, basically real in the present, or at the completion of the last novel. The pink elephant returns, but as a different image. (The) Black Lodge reappears but with different characters within — those from the another tv show called ‘Gravity Falls’ that has factored in elsewhere (in my writing). See, for example, The Bill. Or starting with the 3rd diary. Anyway, (the characters) are there and for a reason. Also the Man from Another Place’s face has been exposed for what it really is. And we can say here his face was covered in ‘see title 01a’ with another image from ‘Gravity Falls’: that of main male protagonist Dipper Pines. And Dipper’s twin sister takes the place of Windom Earle in the lower right corner. She stares perhaps longingly at the cute, pink elephant. She wants one!”

“Hucka Doobie, the dwarf character seems to be saying something else in the present collage. Not “It is Happening Again,” but perhaps a resolution, or an answer. I think this is the sky island (next to Morrison) again. Laura Palmer in the sky has moved closer to the scene. This is escape through Morrison.”

“Could be, could be.”

[delete 5 exchanges]

“Are we then ready to move on, Hucka Doobie?”


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