Bodega? Analysis 06

“We’re skipping over ‘Danny’s Magical Room’ of the present exhibit to go to ‘Detective Drunk.’

Pink elephant again. Holding a book called Truth, seemingly, which could be the same as character Rocky’s recently published novel called ‘Bible Truth’. He’s another Olde Lapara Towne character, based on the raccoon you found in the town’s central hotel. I believe he was the bellhop.”

“More of a receptionist, actually, if I’m remembering correctly.”

“Anyway, he worked at the hotel (Grand Lapara Hotel) and also lived there, apparently in a crawl space. But then you got him a prim and proper house — of sorts: the small mushroom house still present in Collagesity.”


“… but then was destroyed by the same atomic explosion we talked about before? Explain it in your own way, Baker Bloch.”

“Well, Rocky is a novelist, with first book published called ‘Bible Truth,’ as you said. Then a play based on the book was created at around the same time. But in *my* book it is stated that Rocky is not the true writer of that. Someone else.”

“But Rocky’s book is based on the McCartney song ‘Rocky Raccoon’. From The Beatles album.”

“From the ‘White Album’, yes,” Baker Bloch clarifies.  “And only afterwards did I learn of Rocket Raccoon, who is apparently super famous these days through those action/adventure movies. Kind of like Salad Bar Jack.” Baker smiles.

“Right. Anyway, back to ‘Detective Drunk,’ a detective, a Sherlock Holmes wannabe, wants to inspect the book and attached pink elephant, but his cliche magnifying glass is instead replaced by a martini. He gets drunk instead of solving mysteries.” Hucka Doobie inspects the collage closer. “And there’s, let’s see, several images of Noel Fielding appearing, one where he is The Moon from ‘Mighty Boosh,’ another personal favorite of yours. Then several more from his Boosh follow-up, ‘Luxury Comedy.'”


“I must ask: Does he know the Truth? The magnifying glass needed for true inspection has been displaced to (Timmy) Duncan’s face to the left here, creating a faux elephant’s nose. Elephants remember — they store memories away as if in a trunk or dossier. Your Ellie the Elephant, for example, remembers in detail the creation of the parallel Bermingham forest and the moving of the village from (original to doppleganger). ”


“Is (Timmy) an elephant?”

“I don’t know, Hucka Doobie.”

“Anyway, the framing images of ‘Detective Drunk’ are from the ‘Return to Oz’ movie, and, parallel to this, the 2002 synch ‘SID’s 1st Oz’.  This would be Dorothy Gale to the left, and enemy or foe Head Nurse Wilson to the right. Another Wilson. And paired with another Wheeler. For example: here LINK. I would venture that Head Nurse Wilson (note: this is actually Witch Mombi, the Oz equivalent of Head Nurse Wilson in the movie) is your Wheeler in a jail cell, checked in power by Dorothy to the left. This may be Baker Blinker, who has gone through her period of complexity and has emerged fresh and pure in an Oz-like place of sanity and peace. Wheeler is still learning this lesson.”


“This is Truth.”


“I think that’s good enough for this one, Baker Bloch, except to say that some of these images reappear in Audrey’s Bar toward the end of the last novel, when Chef/Inspector Petty busts in and demands to know the truth about Renaldo O’Donnell. Another big mystery, and yet to be solved.”

“Another night, as you say. Moving on, Hucka Doobie!”

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