Middletown SL

“I’ll, let’s see, have a tequila sunrise please.”

“For God’s sake, Greg,” spoke store owner Johnny Thor. “You know this isn’t a bar. I’ve told you a thousand times now, a *thousand* thousand times.”

“That’s ten thousand,” utters Greg Odgen nonsensically. “That’s ten thousand!”

“No. And no! So do you want some coffee? Maybe a comic book? Comic book character (figurine)? Comic book character outfit? ‘Cause I got plenty of those. Just sitting on the shelf, in the rack. Waiting to be sold.”

“I don’t know, I don’t know,” muttered Greg. He turns to his roommate seated in a booth behind him. “What’ll you have, Mr. Babyface?”

Mr. Babyface keeps tapping the table nervously for some reason, like maybe he’s typing on an imaginary keyboard. “Say they’re out of tequila?”

“Um, yeah, I think so.” Johnny emits a sigh.

“Then I’ll just take a beer. Any beer. You choose. Johnny… you choose.”

“That’s it,” spoke an exasperated Johnny. “I’m out of here — closing early. Everyone out. Restocking again.”


“So — you wanna head to the beach next, Gregg?”


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