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Darla who?

The similarly black hatted men visit the beach to spy on sunbathing Shelley. “*There’s* my obsession, Albert. Now you know.”

“Yes,” he said, likewise looking through the bushes and tall grass at the beauty. To him not to her. Because she thought of herself as an ugly duckling, much plainer than, say, voluptuous and confident-in-her-looks Ginger Granite who lived down the lane from her growing up. “Yes I do,” he said in a lower tone, trying not to be so obvious but kind of failing.

The black bathing suit did it for him. Now… how to eliminate Biff Carter from the picture. His mind worked just that quick in situations like this. Kill him now; right this instant? Nah, better wait for a remoter spot, maybe closer to The Void so he can more easily dispose of the body if needed. They were both stuck in Gemini thanks to the powers, but options remained inside and within those constrictions. Below 4096 meters that is and 256 around the sides. 268,435,456 cubic meters is a lot of space to work with still.

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It had snowed in 1000 City the night before they beamed down, but only on the upper level corresponding to the top of its box-like nature. Ouhuru (Liz) had successfully coerced the Cpt. into letting her be part of the exploratory team, joining Speck and a redshirt named Ted, doomed to probably die in this environment. Will a snow tiger jump out from behind a building and maul him to pieces? Abominable snowman tear him apart limb by limb? We’ll see — maybe he’ll survive. But as all Trekkies know, the color red attracts the worst elements of an alien environment, more easily spotted for wannabe troublemakers. You wonder why anyone would dress as such in a potentially dangerous situation. The “seeing red” expression fits in here from the opposite perspective.

“Ouhuru, check on that food while you’re standing over there next to it. I’ll look around the rest of this abandoned coffee shop. Ted, erm, go outside, yes, go outside and see how deep the snow is and what we’re facing in that direction, if we so choose. So commands commanding officer Speck Ohuru for the first time and Ted the last.

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