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Tan sim

“If you get stuck at any one point, you can always go back to the Old Country to regroup,” the Man About Time softly spoke over to Newtonia Kashkow, who could barely hear what he says across the circle. Is this another time distortion? she thought. No, it’s just *him*. So mellow and meek for someone so important. Must be the effects of the travel.

“Collagesity,” he spoke more, “should become a focus again.”

Newtonia Kashkow took this in. “I know you are the same as Marcus Fox Smartville and so we are related.”

“True,” Man About Time admitted after a small pause.

“And you are *not* a sucker.”

“Only in the mind of the beholder. On this turf (Our Second Lyfe): no.” He sat confident in his tannish/goldeny brown, throne-like chair. This was his moment. He steps in to become the knight in tan armor. Or was that aroma. The smell of something hot. And unpleasant. No, that was just an anagram. He sits back up from a naturally slumping position, mind focused again away from the morass. That particular sometimes light brown substance will not play a role in this.

Oh, if she could only see what he felt. But the War between Mind and Senses wouldn’t allow it.

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Bigfoot Art Happening revisited/recontextualized

Unholey Book (Red).

Catcher catching Ball below it (Greenilocks marble) during the meat of the event. Conclusion: It is Arkansas.

Later: Unholey Cave…

… and our Bigfoot protagonist Taum Sauk and his wife Mina bedding down within for the dark times ahead.

End of “Bigfoot Art Happening 2015”.


Much much *much* later (2020): He has miraculously emerged in Our Second Lyfe! On a circular island making up a D’Vine Club, with metal *golf* club also in hand and rope similarly wrapped around left forearm to remember his existence in Bigfoot by (formerly named Ironton, Iron, Middle Game, etc.).

And then the also circular but considerably smaller island at the center of the neighboring sim of Danshire he quickly “moved” to, complete with Small Kowloon House. Briefly, that is — was he killed there along with the derezzing of the shack by neighborhood watch fanatic Red Pepper? Fellow former Danshire resident Phyllis Phox might know. If she weren’t combined with anti-self June Bug in the current novel. Current.

Whether dead or alive or something else altogether, we know he still exists in the Twin Peaks Laboratory’s Red Room — a waiting receptacle for both the Black and White Lodges — as confirmed later by Marion Harding and crime pal Philip Strevor. But where is his wife Mina now? (“Where’s Mina? Where’s Mina?”)

“Tell me where she is?”

Is this what Marion is really asking here? Too bad about Phyllis.

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Table Test 01




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“You here for the Table interview as well?” Mmmmmm Salad Bar Jack asked, fresh from the new portal Wheeler installed just yesterday in Carrcassonnee’s *former* gazebo. John Lemon utters complete gibberish back to Mmmmm, but he understands and interprets.

“I see. First to interview. Luckey you.”

More incoherent speech from Lemon.

“Well, it will be a pleasure to serve with you sir on The Table. If I’m chosen. I don’t have much hope, actually. I worked with Baker Bloch over in Jonesborough.”

Gibberish from Lemon.

“No, not Heterocera. The Real World. TILE Creek. Ever heard of it?”

Gibberish. Salad Bar interprets that John Lemon doesn’t know where this is. Lemon asks (again only Salad Bar can hear this, if anyone was listening in — like us) if he was in a carrcass either positive or negative.

“No,” came Salad Bar Jack’s reply.

After Lemon’s next round of static, Salad Bar proclaims: “Instant disqualification, eh. Well, maybe it’s best I don’t show up for the interview. This Wheeler lady may have misinterpreted my resume. I play in *my* movies. Action adventure ones in the main, although we’ve branched out a bit lately, Gene and I. Don’t suppose you’ve ever hear of actor/director Gene Fade either, my close associate and colleague?”

We can understand from Salad Bar’s next reply that Lemon hasn’t. He begins listing out his filmography. “‘Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE’? ‘Salad Bar Jack Be Nimble’? ‘Salad Bar Jack of All Trades’?” Lemon shakes his head. “Nothing?” It’s difficult for SBJ to comprehend this lack of recognition, but Lemon shakes his head again.

Lemon goes on a bit now with his incoherent talk, explaining something important to Salad Bar.

“Child, eh?” he replies after a pause. Lemon shakes his head again and corrects Salad Bar Jack. “Chilbo? Then we *do* know each other!”

Salad Bar Jack and John Lemon embrace.


15 minutes later he also receives a chair at The Table. Wheeler remembers him as well. Curled Paper puts a check mark beside his name. On his way out he talks again to fellow Mmmmmm King Bill. “See you later you complete bastard, hehe.” But Bill is still worried about time and getting back to The Hill.


It seems it is too late. Bill Hill is no more.


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Bigfoot Gleanings 01

The Bigfoot/Chesterton art event is pausing for now with the very successful marble race test this past Sunday. A new marble legend has been seeded: Ol’ Plugg’n Yellow, who was the most consistent finisher of the 10 or so marbles I tried out that day. Not too fast, not too slow. Just right; another “goldilochs” situation, like with Greenilochs in last fall’s Bigfoot marble race. LINK But perhaps a truer goldilochs this time, since the colors match up now. Yellow/gold.

Interesting: as I was looking up the word “plugger” online just now, my flash player plugin froze my computer up for a moment. 😮

What do I take away from the event so far? Well, there’s the very interesting separation of Chesterton North, where the focus of the marble race was on, and Chesterton South, which turned into an observer of the event, in effect. To me, this means that the latter has more potential for growth beyond the present situation. Lisa Simpson, aka Lisa the Vegetarian, may get her own office space in the town. There was a very late push to unite the two bergs a bit with a curved piece of wood procured from the press box of the old high school football field up at the Plateau of Raw Art — but it was only a token gesture, most likely. Maybe there isn’t any deeper connection to develop between North and South. It’s another wait and see situation.

Linking curved piece of wood “pointing” to Chesterton South’s central pressure cooker “building” in background, then:


“Hucka D., I was wondering if I could pose a couple of Chesterton related question to you?”

Hucka D.:

Okay. I’ll give it a try.


Carrcassonnee has stated that I need to take my focus away from Chesterton for a while.

Hucka D.:

That is true[ enough]. Chesterton has its own spirit. You know him — the cheetah?


Sure. Should I talk to him? He’s never given much information out about the town.

Hucka D.:

Groovy. I’ll get him.

Chester (appearing from behind a white curtain):

Groovy. Cool-i-o, daddy. State your questions man.


Chester, what is in the future for Chesterton? Is this really the true manifestation of Edwardboro and Project POPE? Like the original Bigfoot Proper event was Pope Project, a preparatory event, like John The Baptist paved the way for Jesus of Nazareth.


Died for your sins. Neat-o.


Is this what Lisa the Vegetarian wants to negotiate — with you maybe?

Chester (indicating):

Over there Lisa? Lisa the Cool and Groovy and Chilled?




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Bigfoot/Chesterton Late July Happening — Wife’s Pics

The Silvers/ End of Original 12.

The Stage.

The Veer 01.

The Veer 02.

The Veer 03.

The Veer 04.

Track repair.

The Silvers support 01.

The Silvers support 02.

Taking down the track (sob!).

Chesterton North (observer).

Plateau of Raw Art.

The Veer and Ol’ Plugg’n Yellow (!).

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Bigfoot/Chesterton Late July Art Happening 02

So let’s just move backwards up the track now from end to beginning, starting with… the end. In test runs day before yesterday (Sunday), a peak day for the happening, marbles usually just barely made it over the finish line, slowing considerably in the Original 12 (12 pieces of rustier track at the end of the race) from a speedy entry. In future realizations of the track, I may replace the rustier track with newer stuff — unsure. At any rate, as I stated before, I’ve decided not to make the Original 12 permanent within Chesterton, but just took it back home with me like the rest of the 39, currently shinier segments.

You can see the end of the track roughly parallels Wireway 61 coming in from the north.


This is a juxtaposition of the end of the track (lower part) with the beginning of the track (upper part), which lie directly in line with each other, essentially. This further symmetry was planned, and forms part of Chesterton’s overall synchronistic web, shall we say. I’ll have to see how high the beginning of the track is relative to the bottom the next time I set it up.


The center of the Original 12, or what I call The Veer for obvious reasons. It all kind of centers around that Avon church product and related mossy rock.


But in another way, nearby Pooh (right) with butterfly on his nose fluttering above the Snow Queen’s purse represents the center, along with resonant, large metal butterfly positioned on the bank behind them.


The end of the Original 12 and the beginning of the remaining 39 segments, silvery in color. It’s so appropriate that a very silver door knob holds up the first of these sections, accompanied by a toy avatar we’ll call Small Silver Surfer (SSS or 3S). The wife took a better picture of this pairing that I’ll show in the next post…


The Original 12 is made up of 4 straight segments of train track surrounding 4 central, curved tracks (aforementioned Veer). The Additional 39, as we’ll term them, begins with a similar 4 segment straight run…


which connects to 2 curved tracks…


… before straightening out with 4 more track sections…


… before leading into 3 curved sections, all turning clockwise now…


… that turns into the Big Straightaway of *8* track segments. This is the place marbles pick up their greatest speed heading downward…


… after first navigating this curve where marble speed is at a minimum, at least until the very end of the track right at the Finish Line. Some marbles I raced didn’t make it through this turn, halting forward progress.


Two additional 45 degree turns…



… gets us to the 2 brick supported starting section whose end represents the highest part of the track. We’ve reached the beginning.



Looking back down the track toward Big Straightaway.


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Bigfoot/Chesterton Late July Art Happening 01

Before moving to Chesterton again and the possible climax of the 2016 Bigfoot Art Happening, here’s a couple more pictures from the improvised skateboarding park at the Plateau of Raw Art. I took these fairly early in the morning before the coming of skateboard people, who almost invariably arrive on any given day in the afternoon, sometimes en-masse (up to 15 or 20 perhaps).

There’s those Boos again. Such happy creatures in general.


But this one — not so much. Perhaps that’s because he (or she) is the more uncommon vampire boo.


KOOL-ade, hehe. That actually could be a representation of a toy avatar. Remember this guy?


But to the actual toy avatars down in Chesterton… I can’t pretend there’s much rhyme or reason for this particular arrangement of toys except to say I’ve eliminated some from the crowd and replaced them with others. Okay, there might be a story behind Cpt. America and the (female?) chipmunk with an “A” on its sweater almost holding hands, while another chipmunk (jealous male?) watches. And the central tiger PEZ dispenser goes along with the already established tiger theme of Chesterton and Bigfoot as a whole this year. I also wanted to make sure the Simpsons family was on hand this day to watch the completion and fulfillment of the marble race. Homer’s always indiscriminately encouraging the competing marbles onward; he didn’t choose sides. There might be something to the pig seeming to climb, King Kong like, the Empire State Building, while The Joker looks on. Probably not, though. I also like the way the orange rust on the track mirrors the orange tiger head.


This photo depicts the central part of Chesterton North built around the Original 12, the name I’ve given to the 12 rustier tracks that I had planned to be a permanent fixture of Chesterton. Didn’t quite work out like that, but the idea is still in place.


Part of the new track I layed down this day — and the day before. Not nearly as rusty; much more silver in color. The picture takes in what probably amounts to be at least the beginning of a Chesterton Central, between North and South parts and acting as a bridge community. Earlier in the day it contains several more bricks (“houses”?), but these were then removed and used to help prop up the higher part of the marble race track. And, yes, it was a very successful race this day! Get to that in a bit.


This photo couples the spots on the track where the racing marbles are traveling about the least speed (upper part) and the greatest speed (lower part).


Chesterton South. Not much happened in this area today, its residents being more distant onlookers to the race going on over in Chesterton North. “We’ll have our day in the sun,” they perhaps collectively thought, their inward eyes turned to the future.


Rejected toy avatars for the race, many of which couldn’t stand on their own power. Did they loose their souls upon rejection? No longer avatars? It could be something to ponder.


These animals are actually part of the happening, but on a more outlying area north of the race track’s end.


Nearby (broken) hoop, a primary icon for Chesterton. LINK


Wireway 61 separates one from the other.


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The Chesterton/Bigfoot summer art event is closing in on a peak and possible conclusion with the projected creation of a working marble track tomorrow. Great excitement! The two parts of Chesterton, North and South, seem to be bridged together as much as possible right now through the track. More details tomorrow with photos.

Bigfoot has its own resident *weasel*. Can’t recall seeing one in the wild, but this past Friday I witnessed the creature enter Bigfeet Swamp from The Bramble not once not twice but three times, obviously following a path. And he exited Bigfeet Swamp at the same spot on the first two of the three visits: Mina’s Pool, where he seemed to enjoy a brief splash in the water before heading uphill again. My guess is that he might even make his home in The Bramble, and hunt for frogs, salamanders, and such in the swamp (I don’t think he lives in the swamp). Maybe he was after some particular creature that day. But anyway, I am not alone at Bigfoot! I don’t want to run directly into Mr. Weasel on my walks, but I’m sure he’s aware of my presence by now.

… make sure to take several sizes of marbles to Chesterton so that at least one successful marble run can be accomplished. Right now, the count of the track segments for the race totals 49, I believe, taking it beyond Bigfoot Proper’s 42 1/2 from last fall. Biggest one yet.
… take paper towels so that I can clean off my yellow Adirondack chair imported to Bigfoot Proper this weekend. I’d like to sit there and enjoy the swamp tomorrow for a bit before heading uphill to Chesterton. Maybe I’ll see Mr. Weasel, once more.
… I’ll have to take down the track tomorrow after a projected successful marble run (except for the 12 pieces of permanent track). Rain is more likely tomorrow afternoon than it was on either Fri or Sat. And scattered showers are in the forecast for the foreseeable future. Now is the time…

… study Boos collages again to see how Bigfoot and, especially now, the balance of Bigfoot Proper and Chesterton art events are possibly coded within. I believe they are associated with yang and yin energies respectively. Will new collages also further this association? How about a/v synchs?

Bigfoot Marble Race almost completed!

The Silvers help.

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Bigfoot Early Late July 02

These next 5 photos come from an apartment complex just east of Bigfoot, or wedged between it and the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. A picnic table awaits at Leola Creek for future thinking purposes. Can’t wait!


There’s a very elaborate set of stairs leading from the apartments up on the ridge down to the creek and table. A lot of work was put into this!


Gazebo on the east end of the apartment buildings.


Nice view of the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape from the fence there.



A new object has entered Bigfoot today: a plastic yellow Adirondack chair formerly located just across Leola Creek. It never crossed my mind that I could easily carry the chair back into Bigfoot Proper until this day. It could replace the metal folding chair as the primary sitting and thinking spot of BP.

A sync connected with this: a second after resizing the below photo to insert in this blog, my wife asked if she could buy a couple of plastic Adirondack chairs from the local Lowes. She hadn’t seen what I was doing, and then even doubted that the yellow chair in my photo was an Adirondack because of the side view, which turned out to be untrue as I checked. I took the obvious psychic conjunction to mean that we were both on the right track. The new chair will fit nicely into Bigfoot Proper! Fate.


So… Chesterton. Went there not once but twice yesterday. Couple of new developments. Chesterton, at least for now, has definitely split into two parts. Let’s call them Chesterton North and Chesterton South for present purposes. Below we have the center of this Chesterton North, with the 3 nice little Avon buildings already discussed before. A merger with animals also recently purchased has occurred. A giraffe poses between two of the three structures, standing taller than each. A large gorilla pulls a King Kong beside it. A pelican, elephant, goose, alligator, emu, horse, hippo, monkey, and lion also roam the village. A bag of marbles awaits opening. An apple infected with worm is also in the display. Is it the apple that poisoned nearby Snow White? I think in one way it has to be. The worm actually drives the apple around. Applecart? (don’t upset?)


Another decision made this day was to make 12 rustier pieces of connected model railroad track *permanent* within Chesterton (North). This has never happened before in one of my toy/junk, um, happenings. I’ve always removed track when the event was over, like with the Fall 2015 Bigfoot one. The track is also exactly symmetrical: 4 straight pieces on each end, centered by 4 curved segment forming a hoop shaped eastern veer and passing between the 3 Avon buildings. Hoop, hmmm…

Northern part:


Southern part with displayed toys to one side (return to them soon):


Looking toward Chesterton North’s center over Wireway 61, which kind of parallels the permanent track.


The Veer.


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