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lost and found

“So (the phenomenon) all started in this here diner. Pansy?” START Dr. Mouse looked around but no actual or at least anthropomorphic mouse could be found. Had he turned into Jasper the littlest formerly between his ears and scurried away to safety and obscurity? Possibility.


“Theories, W.”

“Well… I think this diner is obviously the first Pooping Pigeon, start of a chain. Obvious, right?”

“Possibility,” I said again, not ready to pin down that particular reality to this here blog, 25 in a series of… I mean 26 in a series of…

“Probability at *least*,” she countered. “Probable reality. We must go down that path, that avenue.”

“Hot Dog, the 6th victim who became the most famous, on the wall in back, true,” I admitted, starting to see the light at the end of a long, long tunnel.

“Ketchup on one side,” also observing W spoke. “Mustard on the other. Two squirters who are also squirts. It was a great marketing tool.”

“Funny how they hold his buns instead of him… as Hot Dog I mean. Emphasis on the buns.”

“Right. See how this is working out? No need to stop.” STOP


“I can’t name the Amazon Amazonia, W. I have a tag of that name.”

“Trivialities. No need to bother the reader with such. START You need to find the 12th (Source tile), like I pointed out before.”


Wendy went away from the register and approached the counter again. “Who let you in here?”

“I let myself in,” replied Duncan, seeing the game beginning again. Long, long tunnel.

“Yeah, don’t lean into me like that. Pansy!” she called back to the register. “A little help over here!”

Ah ha!

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Mouse Island, etc.

“Beaver,” decided the littlest mouse perched between Pansy’s ears, noting the flattish tail.

Smoking and toking Lemmy on his back had nothing to say about the matter, facing away. Pansy knew this was an important decision for the future of his franchise — *their* franchise, because he had to keep the creator in the picture for all those photo ops later on. But Dr. Mouse had, how do I put it delicately? Let’s just go with Brain Damage still to seal the deal. Endless triangle, endless loop, the yelloo sun far far away, hidden by night. Jasper knows. Jasper knows this is a beaver. His head is just below the water, right Jasper? Sorry: “Right Jasper?”

“Yeah boy.” Jasper is the littlest mouse between the ears, with the primary speaker being Pansy himself, who combed all through those drone shots the day before and the day before that, looking for any anomalies. They could get no closer.


It was a place of wisdom, of learning, this Amazon or Amazon-like environment. 12 sims total, just like the river tiles of Carcassonne (game).

“The Source is missing,” corrected W, again just over there somewhere, just around the corner or out of sight. I still can’t see her secret, schweet smile. “12th,” she clarifies. “Find the 12th. Or at least have fun doing it. See you later!”


“Yarrow,” spoke wise Dr. Mouse, or so he thinks. “Spirit of Yarrow over the head. Delete it and you’re lost. This island…”

“It’s not an island,” one the “pupils” dare speak up, I think it was the right one.

“You over there!” shouted the obviously mad man now. “Against the wall! It’s the kane for you again, pheh pheh pheh.” Dr. Mouse was panting he was so mad. Both mad *and* mad: both kinds. The worst possible combination. Whack whack whack! came the stick to the pants. The right pupil was obviously wrong. And later he became left behind in 5th as the other pupil or pupils graduated to 6th. It was Paul’s switch all over again.


“So you’re the famous or infamous Dr. Paul Mouse,” spoke Duncan from the opposite stump later on, as if between 2 pupils, 2 ears. “Knew it.”

“Glad you could make it tonight, W.” But her schweet smile still remained hidden since Duncan didn’t have any teeth behind his lips.

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The fog was thick in Collagesity tonight, so much so that the script I had prepared for certain actors there could not be read. We’ll have to look elsewhere for plot…

Maybe it will come from the outer islands of Nautilus, basically half encircling the roughly square archipelago of a continent from Castle Valeria to its nw all the way down to little Dizadare Isle more in the se, just nw of the tip of Yd Island, which in Lemon World speak, is the *origin* of All Second Lyfe itself and the source of the letter change from i to y to protect the youth and innocent and such. The Ratzenburger Rabbit is still around.

Jeffrey Phillips goes there tonight for spiritual renewal and warmth. Because it gets f-ing cold in mountainous Collagesity during foggy season. He can see a new plot line now. Jasper County, but the other (Newton) one. The one not yet used.

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about town 02

“And that’s about it, sir,” he spoke mildly, as usual, to the new town ruler. “Tour: complete.”

Jeffrey Philips stares at the entrance to the new collage series, called simply Picturetown and breaking the pattern of former series, all of which are named for towns and villages in and around Jasper County, Illinois — a map of which they stand upon here, in fact. Like Falmouth housed in the Fal Mouth Moon gallery that Danny cleans up, for example. He ponders whether to go through the door representing the beginning of the series. Instead he focuses on the surface aspects; he’s learning to ride or jump situations in order to remain objective, like a good ruler should.

“These… Rosehaven people… from this Picturetown. Are they aware we are using their store front here?”

Man About Time looked at Jeffrey Philips, trying to gauge what direction he was heading. “Does it matter?” he decides to say, and let it rest on that.

“I don’t know, I’m just wondering…”

“They will not care… they are artists as well.”

“Maybe we should talk to them.”

“Why, sir, don’t we enter the (new) exhibit and see what they would see if they knew about it.” His voice was gaining confidence. He realized Jeffrey Philips helped temper his mildness with his rugged individuality. This is a man fixed in time, unlike himself. He lets time move all around him rather than inside. MAT wondered who the latest girl is… he’d heard rumors of a woman alternately named Zado and Bad Kitten. He’s been meaning to look that up on the interwebs… maybe when he returns to his lower penthouse apartment at Kidd Tower. And he needs to finish decorating (!). So lazy; but I’ve had to help Jeffrey Philips so much lately. He knows so little about what we do here. And then there’s Carrcassonnee. He resists looking over at the top of the Temple of TILE from this vantage point; needs to keep focused on Jeffrey. This was a pivot point of some sort. Will he go inside? Is he afraid of losing… perspective?

“Not today, Man About Time.”

“MAT, please,” Man About Time insists about his name. Confidence. He is ever so slightly — baby steps — moving away from Time into something else. Town, perhaps. He then has the urge to look left at Roger Pine Ridge’s new house which isn’t there. A sudden backslide, pheh.

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So many Jacks to think about now in 7 Stones.

Now which one of these dueling dudes is Jack? questioned apparent town leader Woody in his head.

Oh yeah: both of ’em.

And Jean Fade even indicated perpetually digging Salazar is a Jack as well, owner/creator of an ancient mythology detailing where Linden (Lime) World and World of Lemon originally split off from each other, one going forwards and the other heading backwards in space/time.


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In a pot haze, Marion Harding waits patiently for the show to begin. He loves Elvis impersonators. Hucka Doobie tries to join him but finds she can’t.


“Time to pull her out of that sluggish place,” Baker Bloch speaks about Gaston to Baker Blinker from their usual perch at the Perch restaurant. “Function’s basically used up anyway.”

“There’s the couch, still,” counters the female Baker. “Jeffrie Phillips — white star.”

“I can’t even find it tonight it’s so laggy. And I dare not log in Wheeler to help. My computer will crash, I’m sure of it.”

“Sugar house,” Baker Blinker then says. “Sugar’s House.”

“Alright I’ll give it another shot.”

“Give one to Marion as well.”


“She does strike a good pose there,” Baker Bloch says, looking on remotely. “She seems… confident.”

“Put her with Marion. See what happens. Minimize windows as needed.”


“It’s no use, Baker Blinker. Hucka Doobie just appears gray, like she’s in David Bowie’s shiny spacesuit from ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth.'”



“Oops. There she is.”

“Have him walk. Have them talk. Plop Marion down in the plastic seat in front of Hucka Doobie. See what goes down.


She’s wondering how much money is in that attache case, Baker Bloch. $50,000 lindens? Enough to get her out of this hazy, laggy place? Could be.”

“But how to strike up a conversation?


Too late: looks like the show’s starting.”

“And that’s *not* Elvis.”


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Star Back

*Those* things again, he thinks. How can they be this large?


“Well Baker. Let’s go see your father and talk about getting married, hehe. Seriously, he’s probably sleeping off a binge behind some big rock. It’s Karoz all over again.” She shouts into the back. “Right Karoz?!”

Baker waits for a reply.


Karoz is just shaking his head and staring. Spongeberg is totally gone man; Karoz sits in his seat.


“Come back here Baker. You can bring Starbuccaneer with you but come back here. Sit with me.”

“Well Star. Shall we?”

“That’s not Karoz,” she replies, fear suddenly in her eyes. “I can feel it. Karoz is not here.”

“Of course he is,” Baker responds. “That’s Karoz Blogger, my old friend. You were *there* in Noru with us. He was president of Sam Parr State Collage. College I meant there.”

“Did you?” she replied. “Just like the old days, Baker Bloch. Always the jester. Until it’s too late.”


“Come here Baker Bloch,” repeats Karoz, or who appears to be Karoz, Baker then thinks. Star looks straight ahead. “I can’t stop staring at him, Baker Bloch.”

“Let’s just go over and speak to him, even if he isn’t Karoz — maybe he’s still Spongeberg — and see what he wants to discuss. We can do that?”

“I’m not going over there,” Star says. “You go without me.” She disappears from view. Newton and Jasper move over from the counter to the top of the round display case, looking toward where she once was.


“Jeez, are these things going to follow me around now wherever I go?” He turns to them. “Do you speak? Are. You. Animated?” But they were behind him now, sitting in the last booth.


“Are you going to come back and talk to me or not?” Karoz implores. Baker goes and sits down. He stares toward the booth in question. Nothing there.

“You better find those little rascals and delete them before you forget about it again,” suggests Karoz. “I can wait. I bet you can’t even find it or them.”

“I’ll find them.” It took Baker a minute, however. “Gotcha. Back to the inventory.”

“How did they get on Castle Jack is the question you should be asking. That’s impossible. They couldn’t be there. They’re like expanding salt and pepper shakers. Hold on… I believe that may have been your line.” He rustles some papers underneath the table while examining them.

“Never mind, Karoz. Never mind whose line is whose. Let’s improvise. Let’s go off the script.”

“We can’t do that,” replied Karoz. “We’re always on [the] script. We can’t improvise because we are following a path and can’t stray into the woods, into the wild, to be eaten like moles or voles.”

“Yeah, what *is* the difference between the two? And, to point, why did Starbuccaneer think you weren’t Karoz? You’re acting pretty much like I anticipate Karoz acting.”

Karoz laughs. “Accing,” he says.

Baker Bloch remembers that he’s highlighted Newton and Jasper but hasn’t deleted them yet. They he realizes he’s highlighted 275 more prims behind them as well. He quickly unhighlights everything. “Jesus Karoz, I almost deleted half the town trying to get rid of those two!”

“You *must* be careful. They do that.”

“I’m going to go top down on ’em. Hold on…” Baker Bloch is finally able to isolate and delete the two bad boys.

“So to *my* point. Stay away from [delete name]. Stay away from Nautilus in general. Stay home. World reversed.”

“You know I can’t do that. Baker through me.”

“I know. I just wanted you to know that I told you so.”

World reversed is okay, though. Perfection. The perfect thing sought. Like the red violin, the golden sphere[ of Carrcass-5].” Baker Bloch then quotes from the synch. “What if the thing you most wanted, just comes.”

“Don’t do that,” requests Karoz. “No, we must talk about TILE. Tonight was okay, but tomorrow is another day[ as they say]. TILE makes us strong at home. Here in Collagesity. Gormthoog and BoB are in the past practically speaking. Honeymoon over. Blinks and I are back and ready to kick town ass.”

“So are you Karoz or not?”

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m not your enemy. I am in the past myself. I am gone man gone too. But here I am. Telling you these things. You must worship TILE. Everything must focus on TILE. TILE. Baker Blinker already knows this and is adjusting.”

“Karoz — whoever you are —”

“You know who I am.”

“I’m not staying away from Nautilus.”

And so it went.


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Collagesity Visitors

Newton and Jasper?




But how?

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