Incorporate Dead End Street into Lion’s Roar.

Compare Billfork and Lion’s Roar, short term and long term.

Continue Gold Bug story. Gold Bug is Golden Joseph(ine) in part. Money for tooth. Price on his golden head.

He had greenbacks (paper currency not back by bullion) coming into town. Told of gold in them thar hills (Kentucky).

Rely more on Poe’s Gold Bug story for more clues of Lion’s Roar *tale*.

“Don’t you think Lion’s Roar is the tale of DSotR2?”

Emerald City is Lion’s Roar?

What of the Rock Island energized by Ill./Iowa but originally floating down to the top of Periwinkle Falls from The Impasse? Floating Island.

Knock Knick Knack have library inside their building. Tells of Powerman, of Plastic Man, of Tin S. Man in order. Creations of Lisa the Vegetarian. Lisa the V. has temple in town where everyone in town goes to worship her twice, 3 times a week maybe. It is understood she controls the mtn. Knock is a priest of Rainbowology. Studies quartz — says most massive quartz crystals found in Quartz Brook on other side of mtn. Knock tells of Powerman first, then Plastic Man, then Tin S. Man. Superman? “Some say Superman is the 4th Man”, he says to Golden Bug. “Do you want to fly like Superman, little bug?” Yes!” came the answer, for Golden Bug knew something Knock didn’t, and that all Mans are 1 Man. He flew to Kentucky in reverse, then, which means he admits to Knock at the time that he came from Kentucky like Superman. “Daniel Boone was also a man,” Knock shared. “A real man.” “True man?” And then Golden Bug was off to another destination. He knew the Prism Cave held the key. It was a lock.


The next day…

More questions: Does Wallace3 come to live in Lion’s Roar and not his own Wallace next to Tinsity? It is a great question; I think he does for a time. He thinks Tinsity too dangerous (radioactive?) to exist next to for now. Studies past/present/future of that area — *will* he establish Rainbowology under the 3333 Protectorate in that area? If Wallace3 comes to live in Lion’s Roar he may write a history of Jeogeot then, and Pietmond in particular. He will compare Lion’s Roar directly with Pietmond. For one thing, both are settings for fictional tv shows, but the townspeople will not know what he is on about here (since they’re part of the show itself, and unable to stand outside of their roles in this way). Wallace3 might say that Pietmond is better than Lion’s Roar, even if it is virtual. Can go inside buildings with your avatar. People of town will counter this — say *they* live inside the bottles — just go through the walls. “Then what?” Wallace3 counters himself. They do not have an answer for this, all except Knock of Knick Knack Knock. In contrast, Goldbug lived in the past, and Lion’s Roar is more like a 19th Century US western style prospector town to him, it seems, with segregation in place (notice acronym of Triplets) and colored bottles on opposite side of rr from clear bottles. This is just symbol, mind you, and a transfer of past memories and events of places to present event as art happening in woods of Herman Park, Haze County, US of A. Knock is aware of the transfer, however. Is aware there is prejudice in town, on the abstract level that the town exists in the first place. Knock says Wallace3 is needed here. Pietmond will make Lion’s Roar stronger, he says — a connection to a virtual world where indeed you can go into buildings and walk around as avatars. “But what of Sue?” he then asks. “Where are his prospecting companions? We would like to get him and his roaring out of Lion’s Roar asap.” Wallace3, still freeforming, states, “Carcassonnee was in Pietmond, an alien herself. Sometimes went by the name of Sharon or Charon. Lion’s Roar doesn’t have a powerful center like that.” “We have Lisa,” retorts Knock. “Lisa the Vegetarian. We worship her at our several places of worship 2 to 3 times a week, maybe less. We bring her pieces of quartz to honor her purity. She is High F… Hi-fi maybe. Yes… hi-fi it is.” For Knock knew they were making this up as they went as well. He looked at the alien Wallace3 over top of his 19th Century spectacles, took him in. “It’s good the grizzly people of this prominent village can’t see you, all but me.” He looked down the street at just such milling villagers. “Is this the Village Green?” Wallace3 asked, knowing it was a loaded question. “Is it *doomed*?” he could have added (but didn’t). “Z” might know”, Knock states. He lives at the end of that dead end street just up the road. A little green bottle use to sit at the end of it, so we always called it Little Green. But now it’s just Dead End Street. In a 2 room apartment on the 2nd floor we’ll find Z.” I knew *a* Z had been involved in semi-recent discussions of The Table of Hilo. I wondered if it was the same guy.

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