Lion’s Roar Tomorrow…

… and will probably just turn over the bottles to keep them from breaking, along with taking down the 37 pieces of track. Just like with Billfork, I can rebuild all this later. I still have some bottles set up in Billfork, but they are reversed and stuck in the ground itself. The ones at Lion’s Roar are standing upright.

The problem? Why Hurricane Sandy of course. There’s a very good chance for some accumulation of snow (a rarity even in these higher elevations for October) and also high winds are expected. I can’t take a chance with my bottles smashing. Good news out of this? I think I can just leave my pots and non-glass objects where they are there.

So winter is almost here, at least an early taste. Batten down the hatches as they say!



The town will still be here, as they say. You don’t need the physical town to have a town. Lion’s Roar will always be there.


Thanks Knock.


Wallace3, please.


Sorry[ once more]. Soooo….


We must have addition spirits, as I think Hucka D., your Hucka Doobie, would agree.


Return to Second Life.


Probably. Any ideas?


I’m from Jeogeot, so I just could establish a base there again.

What I “have” still:

Am I still a refuge from Jeogeot? Pietmond has been destroyed for 9 months now. Boris was very short lived. I should ask Knock — as Wallace3 I mean. But I think he would encourage me to return to Jeogeot, to write the history of that continent. Can I do this from Nautilus instead? No, he would probably answer. So I have several options. The most attractive, actually, may be Noru again. The Centre.

But maybe not.

I am still a refuge.

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