Whites Island and Browns Island:

Little Brown and Little White bottles of Lion’s Roar, just laid down on the ground in prep for Sandy, perhaps not to be set up again until the spring or later.

Bowers Island and Browns Island:

Also important, and points to Zircon (formerly Confederation), the central province of Wazob, which is also traditionally assoc. with the color brown as a whole; contains Brown and Bowers territories. I thought of Zircon when writing the little tale of Knock picking up Little Brown and becoming gigantic in the process (*Chuck* Laser is biggest basketball star of the Zircon Zappers). Like my “High Octave Story” set in Zircon. Charlie Brown is nicknamed Chuck in Peanuts.

Notice also these can translate to possessive words, like Brown’s, Bowers’, White’s. Means bottles own the islands?? Is this a message from the prostrated bottles themselves? Do they think they’re dead now?

But I found all this in looking at the area surrounding the only US Pallas (extreme left on map), which Poe’s Raven perched on all during his poem of the same name. Pallas=wisdom.

Also perhaps notable from map: Red Cross village found at mouth of a Mouse Creek, which also contains Urban upsteam. Also compared Lion’s Roar to cardboard city of 12 Oz Mouse just recently, and also Dead End Street unites the two (with a Little Green bottle at the end of it according to Knock, which actually doesn’t exist in Lion’s Roar, although you have a larger green bottle that he may actually have been referring to).


Yards Mtn. as a whole as Pennsylvania, the location of the map containing the islands and Pallas above. Pennsylvania has also been strongly related to Herman’s Grave, similarly on Yards Mtn. and at the edge of a meadow. Specifically, the sw corner county of Greene.

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