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BM Urban Landscape 08/02/15

Surprising rock wall on Leola Creek just beyond what I’ve determined is the west end of the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. What a find!


Even closer to Point+1 on our BMUL map is this viewing deck, accessible via a complex, winding staircase from the apt. buildings on the ridge above.


Then directly opposite it is what can only be described as a rather large scale rock art installation, centered by a long walk created directly beside the creek. To give some location reference, you can spot the bridge at Point+1 in the background glare if you look closely.


The installation, as I’m dubbing it, includes a considerable number of internal features such as this small bridge.


The main building of the property exhibits this primitive art painting in a window… reminds me strongly of a Howard Finster picture. Are the painting and the rock path created by the same person?


Interesting chair overlooking Leola Creek on an adjacent lot.


With its several levels of meaning, this area obviously acts as an important western extension of the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. I shall return here soon!

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