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Leola Creek 02

And here’s Big Beach, a fairly impressive run of rounded rocks. A toy happening might be in the works for this place soon, or perhaps for all of Peanuts in a collective manner.


The start of a path on the northern end of this beach that quickly leads up to a rocky cliff.



A prominent rock of the rocky cliff can be seen in the background. This is taken from Big Beach.


Looming Peanuts trees. Probably taken from Big Beach as well.


Big Beach butterflies.


Big Beach smashed soda drink can. Maybe a Mountain Dew? Or perhaps a Sundrop.


Matching pipe and rock across the stream from the beach.


Big Beach from the south. Hard to tell from this picture but there’s definitely a storm brewing in the background! The skies would open up just as I got back into the car after my wade. I’m *such* a lucky boy!


We’re back downstream from Peanuts now with this photo of an old cinder block. As you can imagine from an urban landscape, many man-made objects are found in or near Leola Creek.


Unnamed Leola Creek rock in ALO.


And now a shot from near Point+1 in our Urban Landscape: merging culverts.


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Leola Creek 01

Before we get to the newest wading of Leola Creek, here’s one more picture from The Hill that I wanted to show because that rock I placed in the hole of this tree was *gone* upon a return trip. Now I’m not saying that kids didn’t remove it or something, but I’m just trying to note oddities as they happen. And they do happen. Could it be a communication directly from The Hill itself (whatever that means)??


Now to Leola Creek and the core of the Urban Landscape. I’m afraid that types of homeless people might at least stay in the Landscape sometimes, as witnessed by what seems to be a box of clothes, spied from the main trail as we look down at Leola Creek flowing below. Not that I don’t feel sorry for the homeless. Heck I was kind of one myself during periods of my youth. But there’s also a small danger factor involved. Good to be aware of possible natives.


Happy pink whale on a sign. Perhaps the town has had past trouble with people sleeping under this bridge, which would be at Point-0 in our Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. We are at or near its heart, which would also include the neighboring ALO region.


The plants around the wetlands originally pictured here have been mowed. A shame.


Coral mushrooms have sprung up beneath a nearby grove of trees. Fungi are so peculiar!


We return now to that wider strip of land between commercial property and creek just north of ALO, or perhaps part of it — unsure still. Oh, I remember I call it Peanuts now, because of the actual owners of the land. Inside blog joke. I spotted 3 deer at the south end of this strip as I waded upstream in Leola Creek toward it. Amazing how animals adapted to their environment. I would not have guessed that there was enough wildland here to safely sustain them. I didn’t manage any pictures of ’em, however.

The tree pictured below, a willow I believe, lies instead toward the northern end of Peanuts (originally: Peanuts’, as in Peanuts’ land?).


This is what I call Small Beach, not far from the willow. Peanuts also contains a complementary Big Beach that I’ll get to in a moment.


Pipes — I still didn’t take any really satisfactory pictures of the numerous drainage type pipes marking Peanuts’ western border. But soon! I also want to craft a map of the place.


A path starting up a bank connects Peanuts to a narrower wooded area to the north. Obviously this is used by deer. I didn’t want to walk too far up it because I could possibly be spotted by fellow human beings from a flanking parking lot.


Yellow flowers growing on the stream bank between Peanuts’ Small Beach and Big Beach.


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Baker B. Interview, August 2015

Interview of Baker B. by Karl Tune, up and running!


This is the twin to the Karl Tune interview already completed. A 2 fer 1 dealie as I described it within!

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