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Roach 02

A picture taken from almost the exact position marked in the first photo of the post immediately before this. Needless to say I didn’t take it from Roach Missouri. I snapped it because of the interesting perspective of The Hill we have here (center background), juxtaposed with the faded sign of “The Carpet House”.


The House on The Hill 01

Instead of moving to The House on The Hill, we have to eventually visit The Carpet House, which acts as a stand in here for our present house (The Home on The Ridge). We have to carpet our present house.

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Roach 01



Camdenton contains the same number of letters as Chameleon, and both start with a “c” and end with a “on”. Certainly this 8.1 acre piece of property is disguising itself within a listing 1000 miles away(!). But why? The most logical guess is that it reinforces the name Roach in the area, as in my former manager at the Maynard Jackson cafeteria. Impossible, you say? Let’s look at the place name Roach across our fair US of A…

Well do you, fair *reader*, remember that not one but several maps of this same Camden County are featured in a post of the old Baker Blinker blog? I just did. It’s also mentioned in the 2014 hybrid document “Map Sinking Feeling” — you can just do a search for “Camden” within the full text version to find it (connected there with a perhaps also imaginary Winona Falls).

I think we could be starting down one of those bunny trails rabbit holes again into hyperspace/time, turning the world upside-down as it were.


In looking up Roach Missouri on topo maps, quickly found a *Laugh*lin Cemetery to the east, and then almost directly across the lake (Lake of the Ozarks) from it, a *Ha Ha* Tonka State Park. Are the hyperspace/time “rabbits” having a hearty giggle with the disparate Roach locations?

Ha Ha Tonka State Park history:


Interesting that the “Boones” were there, since we have overlapping roads named Boone Docks involved in our Zillow generated map paradox.

Sounds like a fascinating state park! Several sinks within. 😀



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