Family We Are.

Baker Bloch couldn’t find any Asprind up at the Bodega marketplace. He and Karoz Blogger, who was playing Clerk this night, even looked in his upstairs apartment above the market. Then they sat down in the two chairs there and started talking about Karoz’s woes with Baker Blinker. Baker Bloch lost track of time a bit before Karoz mentioned Wheeler, making him jump out of his seat.

“Man, I almost forgot about Carrcassonnee. Just give me some regular aspirin. I have to get back. Wheeler was acting… strange tonight. Stranger.”

“Baker Blinker seems to like her well enough. She can crush an olive with her mind.”

“Hold on to that thought, Karoz, and we’ll get back to it.”

Baker Bloch rushed back to the gazebo, but everyone was gone now. He heard sounds coming from what he thought might be Collagesity Heights. He returned to the Bodega marketplace and used the teleporter beside the door to reach it. Karoz went with him.

They found Carrcassonnee in a bad place: upside down, turned around, and very dull and red-violet now, the opposite of her usual, healthy chartreuse glowiness. A 12 Oz Mouse clip was playing in a loop where Shark offers Fitz the Mouse some Asprind.

“Yeah, I suppose that’s the only thing that will really cure her,” Baker Bloch said upon viewing the spectacle. They both sat down and watched as well.








Carrcassonnee’s gonna be all right.

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