Collagesity’s Future

Hucka Doobie heard from Baker Blinker heard from Karoz Blogger heard from someone over in BoB about a rumor going around that Collagesity is in imminent danger of being dismantled. I can understand the worries, given that just yesterday I put almost all of my Minoa land up for sale at 2 lindens per square meter. But I fairly quickly retracted the offer. Here’s the deal now with Collagesity: it’s going to stay pat as is through at least November 8th. At that time I *might* be making a choice between two locations for the town, the other of which I’ll withhold for now but it’s been mentioned a number of times in the blog already throughout the summer.

And here’s the deal with Wheeler. Last night, Baker Blinker and Wheeler decided to settle their personal differences about the direction of the town via a wrestling match, which Baker *barely* won. As she put it to me afterwards, although about equal in physical abilities, she felt she maintained a certain edge over Wheeler at the end due to her bond with Karoz Blogger. They truly love each other, I’m sure of it. That kept her going and pushing the limits. So she swung a tough match around and won, with the deal struck outlined above. And the best news is that no hard feelings came out of it between the two. They just had differences, and they charted a course to resolve those differences in a logical way by attempting to beat the pulp out of each other. Actually they make a good team because they instinctively understand their limits and how to keep from really and truly hurting each other.

Other things have come out of this Battle for Collagesity. Baker Blinker has earned certain rights which I’ll get into detail more later. Wheeler admitted to Baker that she intended to separate Carrcassonnee from Perch (her “eye”) and use the latter as a super-generator for a space launch beyond the Second Lyfe solar system. Now my regular readers (or reader) will recall that Karoz Blogger has already gone to Second Lyfe’s Moon and back last spring. Stories have surfaced that he’s built a more powerful rocketship in the meantime and went as far as (Le)Mars and perhaps Neptune. But — again — there’s confusion about a trans-solar journey to a distant planet called Muff-Birmingham. This has definitely not occurred yet. The event hides as well within a strong probable future — with masking abilities.

I should also explain that Wheeler is a time traveler of sorts. That’s how she personally knows Perch from the past, when he was just an ordinary man with an extra-ordinary horse named Spider. She’s part of a secret organization named R110 within certain time streams. And connected with that, she’s sometimes seen hanging out in Real Lyfe at a United States where Rutherford “Booger” Hayes was the last president before the formation of The Triumvirant. Wheeler’s seen a lot.

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