Neverending Story, The

“Good *morning* John Lemon. Is Carrcassonnee in, hehe? I know she is. Good day!”


“So which seat do I take Carr.?” Baker Bloch asks. “Is anyone else joining us today? Baker Blinker perhaps?”


“No you can take the hot seat,” Carrcassonnee responds. “No one else is here. No one but this beer.” But Carrcassonnee doesn’t produce a beer from within, unlike Fitz. She has no hands. Baker Bloch knows what she is talking about still. More 12 Oz Mouse references, pheh. Will they never stop? Doesn’t matter. 1/2 and 1/2.


“Just checking in while rezzed to make sure you’re alright, Carr.”

“I’m okay. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Just the whole Wheeler incident. *Incidents*. Have you turned recently? You’re okay now, correct?”

“I said I already am. So I am. Don’t worry. Collagesity is safe now. We’ve been stoned! Not boned, as Liquor was in…”

“… I know, I know. (together): 12 Oz Mouse.”

“But to continue, Carrcassonnee, Furry Karl is obviously Rhoda.”

“Wrong,” Roostre interrupts.


“Who said that?” Baker, asks, head twirling. Then he swings back to Carr. and turns thoughtful again. “So, let’s see, Furry Karl is Liquor.”


“Was that you this time, Carr.? Voice throwing again?”


“Good one [then]. And then Rhoda is Rhoda obviously.”

“We need to talk about other things today. I don’t mean to rush you, but don’t get hung up too much on the parallel bars[ in both Collagesity and 12 Oz Mouse]. Let *me* worry about The Mouse. To your other questions or concerns today, then. Go ahead…”

“Well,” says Baker. “How about Middletown, then? I’m heading there tomorrow. My user is, I mean. Baker B.”

“Middletown is in the future, in the middle of the future. It is where all is heading, where all came from. You have chosen the name wisely. Yes, Blue Mountain originally came from Middletown, and is heading back[ to the womb?]. It’s like Pietmond bourne from Chilbo. “‘Cept this time it’s all gonna work out. You will go home. Tomb.”

“Do you mean womb, Carrcassonnee?”

“No. I mean: yes. 1/2 and 1/2.”

“Never ends does it.”

“No. Mouse never ends. Liquor knows.”

“I’m sure he does.”

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