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Heading Diagonal 01

Mid Hazel’s Woods (Hazelwood).

Lone “Simak” result in SL search: Spindrift – SpinSpace astronomical art Gallery, SciLands.

Auto-teleport into sw corner of Spindrift sim (why?).

Within SoSo Mall-like gallery: Rick Sternbach – “Returning to the Lander”.

Three Star Tree added to map. Lander?

Mid Hazel’s Woods again.

Sw corner of Eagan, and Baker again.

Similarly named Egan, plain water sim now…

… but which once contained an interesting glyph.

Latitudinally, Egan is one sim south of Eagan on the same continent (Sansara).

Egan part of GNIRPS system via triangle Ben-Grizzly-Egan.

Purden sim, caddycorner to Eagan in sw direction, is on same latitude as Egan, then.

3 Eagans pp in GNIRPS, 1st I checked near Pruden. No Purdens, and only 1 Pruden (anagram). Pruden on KY-TN line, like Static mentioned in both C1516W and C1617W, as I was just reading and noting earlier tonight. And Pruden is on the Eagan topo map.

Karoz line:

“I’ve got to get myself back home,” he thought. “I’m in a state!”

“Karoz?” Baker Blinker offered. “You okay?”

“Tennessee or Kentucky,” he blurted, and then fell off the bar stool.

Pruden is likewise either in Tennessee or Kentucky, depending on which direction you’re coming from.

Like Muff-Bermingham, Pruden is sometimes called the hyphenated Pruden-Fonde.

About the place of the Plain Wayne slaughter. 21 snow trees in the mini-forest.

Baker’s nearby, static filled tv.

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Experiments in Soulcatching, 01



Arnold and Betsy Layne.


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First/Prime 02

Then we move across Grassy to Secondary, which lies within and also beyond First/Prime. How beyond? Much like the secondary color triad lies both within and beyond the primary triad. Primary *creates* Secondary, as a son/daughter. Internal triangle. So I’ve decided that will be the name for this subregion for now: Secondary. It is featured in what might be the “Bogota 01” collage pictured in preliminary form at the end of this slightly future post. 🙂 Interpretation, thus, to follow, but I’m not sure “Bogota 01” is yet finished. I’m going to treat this collage series a little different from others, perhaps.


Main green circle (front) mirrored by a second green circle behind it. Represents Green in general. Grassy and Green. Green, green grass of home, etc. Orange Prime Stream is in front of it from this angle. This is near where the Arab-like alien Oglethorpe emerged from this tributary of Grassy and became something else in 1930. Pluto is born, a homeworld. Oglethorpe meets Emery, the green or at least olive representation of Grassy. Between them they create the White Rock or, better, White Stone, which *could* be the same as “Collagesity Winter 2015-2015″‘s Moon of Moon, which becomes the primary Moon in the end. It is squaring the circle (of the moon). It’s lots of things. Moving on…


A nearby bend in Prime Stream that seems to indicate a natural ford into Secondary.


Detail of ford.


Again, Secondary is a combination or fusing of the 3 secondary colors of green, orange and violet. The seep that runs underground into Prime here is the violet part, and appropriately colored. But, ironically (?), the only obvious place I could find where it runs into Prime is colored more orange than Prime Stream itself…


And if we look closer at this seep, we see streaks of orange as well inside the dominating violet or dark purple.


On what could be the more western end of Secondary appears this bridge made from a piece of lumber. It really serves no functional purpose. The small creek can be jumped at many places without the aid of a bridge in this location. But, like I said before, there are many bridges over Prime Stream, some of which serve a current function and others obviously not doing so.


And below we have an example of another ford, with bricks protruding from Prime Stream in this location. Was there once a *brick* bridge at this point? I can’t presently wrap my brain around this creek. It contains deep mysteries, but of a different current than the ones I’m more use to in Blue Mountain (current home).


Western Secondary.


A larger Secondary bridge I’ve already taken a picture of for this blog LINK.


And then the end of Prime Stream at Upper Grassy, before it passes under same to reach that more swampy area across the road which seems to represent the brook’s true source (Ivy Marsh?).


Grassy + Ivy make Gravy?



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In truth…

… it might have been some version of this man named Dave, who has chosen to be called Bogota during his stint in Collagesity, haunting the Rubi Woods all this time, not Sid or Syd per se.

Bowie has long declared himself a massive fan of Barrett-era Floyd. He showed just how much by singing their debut single ‘Arnold Layne’ at guitarist David Gilmour’s solo show at the London Royal Albert Hall last month. It was Bowie’s first live appearance in two years following a serious illness.

He said on hearing today’s news: “I can’t tell you how sad I feel. Syd was a major inspiration for me.

“The few times I saw him perform in London at UFO and the Marquee clubs during the 60s will forever be etched in my mind. He was so charismatic and such a startlingly original songwriter. Also, along with Anthony Newley, he was the first guy I’d heard to sing pop or rock with a British accent.

“His impact on my thinking was enormous. A major regret is that I never got to know him. A diamond indeed.”


Also in GNIRPS, he seems to defer to Barrett in a quite tangible way and that’s what got me thinking in this direction. Carrcassonnee suggested that I stop considering such “evidence” accidental and just go with it.



There can be no doubt, actually.

The one and only US David. It’s unique too!

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Genes 01

This post will pertain to Mossman actor Gene Fade, as extended, for example, into Gene Wilder.

Gene “I to y” Wylder — A PRIOR. Home: Trident Streams to the immediate west of Gene Fade Mtn., and in the westernmost region of Frank and Herman Parks as a whole.

Perhaps [even] Gene *Wildest* per description of these creeks here:

The streams fan out below this commonality, roughly forming the shape of a downward pointing 3 pronged trident or head of such, as classically associated with the Roman God Neptune. The names Lower Trident, Middle Trident and Upper Trident for these streams, north to south, is made more apt by the fact that tributaries merging into a single stream are often called prongs. This general area is possibly the wildest and most remote part of Frank and Herman Parks as a whole.

Also: Wild Wild[er] W[ild]est.



Parents Boaz and Viola buried (in Graves).


There is evidence that Prior is WIS (Wizard — played by Richard Pryor in The Wiz). Gene Wylder joked about himself being Gene Prior. He saw into Future as Gene Fade, a nodal personality destined to reside in Whitehead X-ing.

It was Gene *Prior* who wove his lifestory at The Weaving Spot.

Must talk of the Loop of Chuck also on Fade’s Mountain or on its south side, where Story Room’s Chuck or Charlie and I fused as fellow yellow composers (Ear) just the other day (as channeled from a probable future event).


The story of Gene Fade becomes the story of Frank and Herman Parks.

It must have been at Whitehead X-ing:Red Head where Gene Fade discovers his Gene(s) Prior, and the WIS connections. This leads to Tinsity. Excitement.


Boaz indicates superheroes, particularly Superman and Batman via Illinois and Wisconsin. See here:


Metropolis, Illinois


Gotham, Wisconsin

Additionally, Boaz + Viola in Graves County, KY is also near Metropolis, Illinois, indicating a continuation or extension of Story. Death of a Superman. Death of Superman’s[ spouse]. They become PRIOR.


Webster orders Gorman [Richard Pryor] to use his computer knowledge to create Kryptonite, remembering Lois Lane’s Daily Planet interview with Superman, in which Superman identified it as his only weakness. Gus uses Vulcan to locate Krypton’s debris in outer space.

But in the end the brothers come together to bury the evil supercomputer. It becomes PRIOR too. “y to I”.


Gene and Superman in Superman I

There is also a Neptune in Richland County, WI near Boaz and Gotham. Neptune NJ is birthplace to not one but 2 actors who played prominent Batman villians. Can you guess them? Hint:

Easy Peasy

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Monkey See (Etc.)


Yes, we have no Bananas, but Bandana is close. Close to Monkey’s Eyebrow that is. And formerly Skillet. Have a great day!



“Thank you GNIRPS for you contribution to the F&HE! blog. Now to my information this morning. I have a very serious topic to talk about. Contact with aliens. This is something I haven’t relayed yet about Ashville, our future home. I’ve discussed, I believe (I hope) that it has been a past home as well for me, but only for about 3 years. Yes, we got tired of it then. A return to Blue Mountain, the wife and I’s college town, was inevitable. We see that of course. What we didn’t see until very recently is that we had to return and then leave. Retirement will not be sitting in one place for 10, 20, 30 years and waiting for the end. Well, unless it’s Ashville. But we also plan to go to the UK, to Wiltshire in particular. But I digress. The subject this morning is aliens. Just happens that during my Ashville stay during the early 90’s, I saw, very plainly and clearly, a *UFO* there, and of the classic *saucer* design. I saw this UFO out the back window of my apartment just north of Ashville’s large and very cool downtown district. You could see Ashville’s skyline behind the huge UFO appearing outside my window. How big was it? Well… big. Colored lights kind of flashed in a cycle around the circumference. Green and orange as I recall, maybe blue as well (?) The dish shaped object was tilted to the right. Let me see if I can dig up a comparable photo online… hold on…

It was also tilted backwards, so if it had the “traditional” turret it remained out of side on the far side I couldn’t see. Or perhaps I was looking at it frontwards. I say this because it was dark during the sighting and as I remember the UFO was darker than the surrounding trees and sky. I can’t remember any details about the saucer except for the lights and the shape. And the size! I’m not sure how a UFO of that size could appear in the small parking space behind my apartment. And an even odder thing: when I checked the next morning, I realized that the Ashville skyline was also hidden by the building I was in, so I *couldn’t* have seen the skyline that night. The skyline was *almost* visible but I’d have to be leaning impossibly far out the window that night to see it. And I didn’t have the window open.

How did I happen to be looking out this bedroom window to see the UFO? Well, I was awoken by a strong white light coming through it and illuminating the room. I immediately jumped up out of bed and went to see what the source was. I guessed “UFO” as soon as my brain was jumpstarted.

There’s more to the story, including a movie we viewed just before the wife left that night dealing with, yeah, aliens (this was shortly before we got married, and she was living in a different apartment, more out in the country). I might have doubted the sighting more except it had happened before. The wife and I both saw a UFO plain as day while driving in southern Virginia in 1985. That’s another story in and of itself. But the UFO then wasn’t the classic saucer shape. It appeared more like The Enterprise vessel of Star Trek. The Ashville UFO was a simple disk from my perspective. A very dark disk with flashing lights around the edges.

Let’s return to the tiny community of Saucer, Alabama, then, on Pineapple Highway which leads to Pine Apple in the neighboring county to the west. Could *that* Saucer* relate to *Ashville’s* saucer, since the same town, during its continued mystification process, has attracted so many other fruit related names?

I’m very tempted to call one of Ashville’s as yet un-mystified neighborhoods Pineapple. A logical choice would be the neighborhood where I saw the UFO in the early 90’s. The apartment I was staying in lies only a couple of city blocks south of the now central Cherry-Lime, a fully mystified name. I’m also thinking that there was a town within the town, perhaps a toy avatar town or other type of “alien” avatar, existing just north of the mouth of Linden Creek, and on land now called either Read Park or Read Creek Park or Earl Weaver Park that’s the northern half of a determined two-part Google Maps Street View art event. I’m thinking the name of this community might be Orchard or Orchard City, like the conglomerate town in Colorado we’ve briefly touched upon before made up of Austin, Cory, and Eckert moving south to north. A(B)C(D)E, then. The first letter (of four) of TILE (“I”).

There was no noise that I recall.


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map happenings 02

cub: 1 of 1:

As a tigress whose cub had been threatened would she appear, coming out of the shadows, stealing noiselessly along and holding the long wicked scissors in her hand.

Winesap-Cub Run (Kessinger), KY. Centerpoint? Hucka D.?

To complete the pseudo-triangle: Scissors-Run, TX. “Don’t run with scissors.”


And to remind, only other “scissors” is in same Winesap story, helping to identify the 1st three stories of the book as rock, paper, scissors (Story Room?). Rock in Kansas next to Wilmot and in Cowley County obviously is the 1st story now, as Wilmot identifies a character in the last story and Cowley identifies the writer of an important introduction to the book (introduction between last and first stories, if end is seen as looping back into beginning in an urobouros situation). Udall next to Rock and Wilmot also seems important. Identifies, for one thing, the *whole of America*, and perhaps represents the *whole of Winesap* (end to beginning) in same function. Clever huh? We know Winfield from the same county, which is the seat, is another way of saying “Winesap”. Win(n)field-Atlanta is something we haven’t brought up yet in this blog. Hope Hucka D. doesn’t stop me here.

We also know Udall is a False Winner.

GNIRPS has considerable more stuff on Cubs. Chicago Cubs specifically. Town rival (south to north) Chicago White Sox (from White Stockings) has recently been angled into our story from an unrelated direction. Chicago is our Second City. Cubs even use to be called White Stockings for a short time in the 1800s.

5 mentions of Chicago in Winesap. 2 in the 4th story concerning Doc Parcival (this would be just beyond the 3rd with the only mention of “cub”), 2 in the 8th story concerning Alice Hindman, and then the last one comes from the last story concerning Willard himself and his Departure from Winesap. Here they are in story order, then:

He came from Chicago and when he arrived was drunk and got into a fight with Albert Longworth, the baggageman.

In Chicago there was a Doctor Cronin who was murdered.

The young newspaper man did not succeed in getting a place on a Cleveland paper and went west to Chicago.

In Chicago he boarded at a house where there were several women.

His train runs from Cleveland to where it connects with a great trunk line railroad with terminals in Chicago and New York.

There’s 1 US Cronin, and in one of the 5 Anderson Counties.


Tiny Cronin is near something called the Anderson-Faulkenberry slayings site on this map.


Word Faulkner is included in Faulkenberry. W. Faulkner could be said to slay S. Anderson in an Oedipal way (son kills/usurps father). Just saying.

On January 28, 1837, six rangers, eighteen-year-old Abram Anglin, David Faulkenberry, Evan Faulkenberry, Benjamin W. Douthit, James Hunter, and Columbus Anderson, had left the fort to search for strayed hogs in the Trinity River bottom. Finding some of them, Hunter and Douthit were sent back to Fort Houston to fetch a canoe.

In their absence, the other four were attacked by a band of Indians on the Trinity River at a point known as Bonner’s Ferry. Anderson was mortally wounded, although he managed to swim the river and crawl two miles before dying. David Faulkenberry, severely wounded, also swam the river and crawled about two- hundred yards away before succumbing to his wounds. The Indians later claimed that David’s son, Evan Faulkenberry, fought like a wild man, killing two Indians and wounding a third. Severely wounded and already scalped, he was said to have jerked from his captives’ grasp and swum halfway across the Trinity before dying. The fourth man, Abram Anglin, although hit by a bullet in the thigh, managed to swim the river and escape on horseback with James Hunter, one of the two men who had returned from Fort Houston in time to witness the Indian attack.

The 3 that died were Columbus Anderson, David Faulkenberry, and his son Evan Faulkenberry. All swam the river or attempted to, leaving Anderson County and entering the next county west in doing so or attempting to do so. Anderson swam the river and died 2 miles beyond. Faulkenberry the father swam the river and died 200 yards beyond. Faulkenberry the son swam about halfway into the river and died before making it to the opposite shore. The 4th man involved (Abram Anglin) swam the river and managed to escape.

Btw, Anderson County is not named for Columbus but for a guy named Kenneth Anderson, former v.p. of the Republic of Texas, a service then in the future for the Anderson-Faulkenberry victims.

What if this is more than it appears on the surface, somehow tied to the future Anderson-Faulkner relationship? Anglin — angling? (fishing?).

Speaking of which, let’s return to Winesap and “fish” again. Only 2 “fisher”s, but 5 “fish”. 1 of these fish stands alone (“fish”), and is in the same sentence as 1 of the 2 Winesap fishers or fishermen, let’s say. That one was caught but then let go back into the stream or brook from which it came. 2 of the “fish” are part of “fisher”s (obviously). The remaining 2 “fish” (that got away or weren’t caught?) are in the last story again, which also contains the last of 5 “Chicago”s. I’ve cited them before but here they are once more. They both make part of the word “fishing”.

In the fall and spring he spends his Sundays fishing in Lake Erie.

In the smoking car there was a man who had just invited Tom to go on a fishing trip to Sandusky Bay.

Recreational escape (different type of Departure) to Lake Erie in the direction of Sandusky Bay may be implied. Where could this take us?


What could we be fishing for, ultimately?

And guess what? One of only 2 Longworth pplaces is in Fisher County, Texas (other is in remote area of Minnesota). That’s the other proper name mentioned in Winesap sentences containing Chicago. And that’s the only US Fisher County. Peculiar still?

(to be continued)


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