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In the Sister sim of VHC City, Sid stands on The Diagonal at 148/148 and notices a diagonally placed stack of books.

149/149: He stares at a blocked grey wall full of white lettered names. “Songwriters and Musicians” they are collectively labelled.

Back to the book stack, which you can sit upon. Quite a few poses. Being a dad himself (and a swell one in our estimation!), he likes how the stack is made by DaD Designs. Sid picks up a book from the pile, opens it at random, and begins reading:

For over a year he had been beating his way along the south shore of Lake Superior as a clam digger and a salmon fisher or in any other capacity that brought him food and bed. His brown, hardening body lived naturally through the half fierce, half lazy work of the bracing days.

Fisher again, he thinks. Fisherman. Change of name. Just around the corner in the next room is an Apple Fall Sunbleached Sete — directly on The Diagonal this time. Can he take the book in there to read further?

Yes, but at 142/142 he quickly, almost instantly, falls asleep and has a dream about craftily editing fig leaves.


He wakes up, gets up, stares down at the couch. Midday already. Quite a nap, he thinks, and ponders on the dream he then remembers. 2 statues trying to make their way through a trapping waterfall into a brave new world. Bickering about which sex is stronger, and who will take on which role. Adam and Eve, he realizes. The couch did this. Fall from Perfection.

But he better teleport back to the trailer and feed the dogs (Newte and Jaspo); they won’t eat for anyone else in the family, not Ragdoll, not Indigo, and certainly not the rather seedy dimension skipper they took on as a boarder since Collagesity novel 9 ended who presently goes by the name of Golden Jim. Sid had unspoken plans for him, though.

151/151: Lake Harriet Japanese Blood Grass (“Red Baron”).

Red Baron (in the cross hairs)?

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Sylver Forest Research 01

Auction land just became available in Sikkima below Rubi.


Sikk/SV (all):


2 of 2 (var. = Van Sande-Sikkink Dam, but no dam in sight on the map):

Van Sande-Sikkink

Sikkima family reunion in Greenleafton:


Sikkink contains word “sink”. Sikkima contains perhaps the most definable sink(hole) on the old continents (Sansara and Heterocera). My New Pietmond was set up there for a couple of months in 2012-3.
If so, it may be the oldest sink of the 14 I’ve identified on SL mainland.

Sikkink contains word “Kink” (last 4 letters), referring to The Kinks’ Ray Davies, who may be the same as Dr. Blood just featured in this blog.

Greenleafton and Forestville (w/ 2 Mystery Caves) imply green leaves of Sylver Forest. Both Sikkima sink hole and new auction land were probably part of this pre-Linden forest.

Furry Karl described the Tinbaby, to Karoz, as a green tinted robot with an exterior beating heart and a spike on top of his head. Actually there is no green tint: that’s just the reflection from the many [green leaved] trees in the Rubi Woods. Tinbaby is made of tin and is colored so.

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Bigfoot Rivals


Simpsons to the rescue!


The wife and I visited the local Dollar Tree tonight. 4 out of 5 Simpsons purchased (minus Marge — soon!), and also what appears to be the arch-nemesis of Taum Sauk in the continuation of the Bigfoot art/toy/junk happening (“Afterfoot”?).

a good guy?: batteries-not-included (bni)




Bill Bixby as Hulk

Boss MO (= Boss Moss!):


4.23 miles from both Buick and Bixby in neighboring Iron County. Not chance.



Red Point, MO in approximate center of 3B Triangle (Boss-Bixby-Buick). Reinforced by color *green*.




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Frank Park Music 02


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Ashville Circle 01

“The Ashville Circle was where it was all heading, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Put up your map and let’s examine.




This is the head, Hucka D. The man, John Lynndon as we’ve come to call him, puts his hand in the middle of the sewer top to indicate the circle. This is point A on the map above, 0.32 miles from the Hart. The radius of the [Ashville Circle] in other words, is 0.32 miles. Cherry Avenue, the spinal diameter of the circle, also tilts from true north at about a 32 degree angle. Worth noting.

Hucka D.:



Do you think John is a homeless person?

Hucka D.:



Do you think the hand indicates more than it seems?

Hucka D.:



Clock[ hand]? [no answer]



Hucka D. has gone back to bed. In concocting the circle yesterday, I was aided by the fact that several more intersections apart from those involving Cherry Avenue seem to be highlighted, including this one to the west. The intersection appears to be on the outer edge of a neighborhood we’ve dubbed Apricot-Bone. Not sure if that name will stick, however. The east-west road involved here is Banana Street again, famous for the Ingleboort and Flaarph invested house next to Linden Creek. That particular house lies more toward the E, or center, of the A’ville Circle, with Banana Street peeling off (sorry) from Cherry Avenue near there as well.

In visiting the intersection via Google Earth Street View, I was very surprised to find something more unusual going on. The conjunction of Banana Street and the side road we’ll call Cone was calm itself.


But one Street View camera shot down Cone manifests a figure sitting in the middle of the road, which turns out to be a teenager.


The girl appears to see or hear the Google Earth car approaching, and moves out of the way. We get a good look at her…


… and also glimpse the person sitting on the front stairs of a home across the road she is interacting with in some fashion. Wish Hucka D. was still around to possibly tell us more about the story. Ohl well.



“It’s not Cone. It’s *Bone*. Now leave me alone so I can get some shuteye before my big meeting next year!”


So Hucka D. says the side street is named Bone, hence the latter part of the neighborhood appellation Apricot-Bone. Makes sense. Or maybe it’s Pineapple. Better keep that to myself. But then there’s this: Fred Cone from Pine Apple, Alabama, as talked about by comedian Jerry Clower on his 1974 Country Ham album.

Also here:

“I didn’t play high school football because we didn’t have enough kids to field a team,” he said.


This intersection is near the south end of Cherry Avenue…

… first highlighted here. The two sets of walkers are shoulder to shoulder at this intersection of Cherry and [insert: Apricot] when we enter the former in Street View from the south.


[Apricot]-Cherry intersection. Pinball machine traffic islands dead ahead.



Also helping delineate the Asheville Circle is this intersection to the east, involving the oddly coined Hartichoke and a larger artery named Berry Avenue, running parallel to Cherry appropriately enough.

No, I’ve woken up Hucka D. again in my stupidity and he’s indicated that Hartichoke is actually named Salad. He says not to bother him now until February. So I suppose — have to be careful here — that Salad is named after Salad Bar Jack, the famous Mmmmmm actor. I hear Hucka D.’s little hard feet hitting the floor next to the bed so I suppose I’m wrong again. “What’s that Hucka D.?” I shout toward the bedroom as he roars his disaproval again. Then I hear the window shatter and he’s gone — flown away to a better resting place, I suppose. So with him gone I’m going to leave it that Salad Place was named after Salad Bar Jack.

But anyway… there’s an island present at the meeting of Salad and Berry. Not sure what it means yet, if anything. But it probably does.


Since the traffic island isn’t present in the below Street View snapshot from 2008 and is in the 2012 snapshot above, we can deduce it was created between 2008 and 2012, obviously.



This point marks the Hart or center of our circle, corresponding with the meeting of Salad and Cherry this time. This is no mere Thomas Benton we’re talking about here.




My uneducated guess is that this is Salad Bar Jack’s retirement home in Ashville, bought with hard earned film royalty money. His “place” as it were.


Could be wrong of course.


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map sinking feeling 02

Wyoming in Iowa County in Wisconsin, a unique location because of the 3 different state names it highlights, is certainly also highlighted by this place, called “[Frank Lloyd] Wright’s architectural self portrait.”

Traveling down another arm that is the octopus of this map series, I noted that The Arches in Winona County, Minnesota (the Gopher state) is an anagram of Teachers, and Teacher is a story in Winesap highlighted by other maps. I think it partially refers to the teachers of James Franco, who has famously returned to not one but several schools to study and earn degrees at recently. One has already been pictured in the blog, and it is coded into Winona County as well.


A logical deduction would have it that The Arches, in Warren township next to a Wilson township, may refer to a teacher or perhaps multiple teachers of that school. Coincidentally, about a month ago I started corresponding again with an old boss who may be teaching at this very college during spring semester. Is this the teacher referred to? If not, it still seems to fit in somewhere. And what about the only other population place in this Warren township: Wyattsville? Is this the name of a teacher as well? The colorful, hand drawn map of Winona County jokingly associates this town with Wyatt Earp, although there appears to be no other direct connection outside the names themselves. But we’ve also previously noted that Wyatt was born in a Warren County (Illinois) and also had a younger brother named Warren with whom he shared many of his wild west adventures.


Teachers? (Probably.)


If so, it means another red-blue focusing (see Winona-Rollingstone below), and a gateway to the future *beyond* any need for such teachers. I will be free but on my own. It will be good. Red-blue, then Beyond Green. I think it has to do with friendship as well (Jenifer Anniston). I cannot be friends with my teachers, can I? I was taught to create procedures for what I do (work). That it?

So it was important enough to make this map sync, hmm.

Maybe Media, Pennsylvania is an important key. Audiovisual synchs, after all, involve protection of the attached audio and visual media. Maybe this is a meeting place, a middle town.



Audio (none):,_Pennsylvania

Media and the FBI

Media may be best known for secret government documents that were illegally seized there by activists in 1971 and distributed nationwide. On March 8 of that year, the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI raided an FBI “resident agency” in Media. They later released thousands of documents to major newspapers [the *media*] around the country. These documents revealed controversial and illegal FBI tactics, like the recruitment of Boy Scouts as informants, and confirmed for the first time the existence of COINTELPRO, an FBI program to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” dissident groups in the United States.[13]

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map sinking feeling 01


Winona (excerpt; only same county name Winona’s):


Gopher (all):


Gopher (now Winona) in Wallace County, Kansas (1872 map).


Current Wallace County.


Current Wallace County sinkhole. Giant gophers?

Winona could be said to be in the clover. Why did she shoplift, then?

in clover, enjoying luxury or comfort; wealthy or well-off:
They struggled to make their fortune, and now they’re in clover.

Another Wallace and a much smaller but still quite mysterious hole.

We appear to be returning to the beginning[ of this blog].

(to be continued)

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map happenings 04

May 16, 1991

March 10, 1994

The two books, red and blue, combine in one.


Eye look back.




And in Warren’s kane forest as well, it appears. Warren knows, or thinks he does. It’s obvious from that list, to me, that Winona is actually Ohiowa Oming, not Miley. Or both in one. We can speak to her directly if she chooses to attend Sam Parr State College for another semester. If so she’ll have to take care of the roosters.


Here is the wikipedia article on the Indian princess the town of Winona, MN was named for.

I’ll quote some passages…

In the traditional Dakota language, “Winona” is not a personal name, but a general term for a first-born child of any class distinction who happens to be female.

The concept of the central figure as a “princess” is in keeping with a European-American stereotype about Native American “princesses.” In fact, the Sioux do not have an equivalent title for “princess” in any of the major dialects.[2]

Today “Winona” has become regularly used as a personal and place name throughout the United States.

This further statement stood out for me. Most Winona place names are in the midwest, like here in Minnesota. But Twain attaches a similar Winona “lover’s leap” tale to Winona Falls near the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border, much further east. Is this, then, the name origin for the Minnesotan Winona and other midwest versions? I might be a little confused here (and the sentence is confusing, as there isn’t a Winona Falls in Camden County, Missouri or Cameron Park, Texas as far as I can ascertain), but I thought I’d mention it because we have 2 twin Winona’s again to deal with, parallel with the 2 Winona Ryder images gracing the Rolling Stones covers from the early and mid nineties that now stare back at us jointly through one eye in this post.

Mark Twain in Life on the Mississippi wrote: “There are fifty Lover’s Leaps along the Mississippi from whose summit disappointed Indian girls have jumped.” Other locations with a similar legend include Winona Falls in Pennsylvania, Camden County, Missouri and Cameron Park in Waco, Texas.

Interesting that this particular Winona in Minnesota was spared, unlike the other same named leapers.

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map happenings 01

Warren + Wilson shows up recently on James Franco…


At the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival press conference for “Spring Breakers” that took place on Friday, the young starlets Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine wowed journalists and photographers with their subtle-but-sexy outfits.

The film’s male star James Franco, however, made a more peculiar wardrobe choice.

Beside his lace-and-leopard clad costars, Franco wore some snappy jeans, sneakers, black jacket and a bright blue T-shirt with the words “Warren Wilson College” emblazoned on it.

… who starred with Winona Ryder in several recent movies, including the arthouse style The Letter from 2012 (which I just watched and was *frank*ly pretty confused about; and coming from the same year as the above picture).

Some of the interesting background of Winona here. Fun trivia (among others): Timothy Leary was her godfather.


Winona Ryder, Actress (Ryder was born in nearby Olmsted County, Minnesota but was named after the city.)



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up with maps! 04

Why did he [Hayes or Hays] choose to be identified with Fremont in Sandusky County, with its second town as Clyde?





Warren & his owls look out on a stump in Wilson (Wilson Stump). He knows this is where he comes from. He always remembers his origin because it is always within his sight. There is a big drop in front of him, separating carved entity from river. He lies at the end of a 15 (natural) step passage. People marche right by him all the time.






The Arches, MN

DME 6090 and two other SD40-2s drag an empty moonshine train up Stockton Hill through an area known as “The Arches.” Clearly you can see why it has that name. The future civil engineer in me loves finding cool bridges like this one while out railfanning.

When we saw this train sitting in Minnesota City waiting for a warrant, there was no doubt a chase was in order up Stockton Hill, something we’d never had the chance to do before. But since we’d never done it before, we also didn’t have a great idea of where all the good photo spots were – just that one could follow the tracks for the most part on adjacent road. So when we saw a nice girder bridge just to the east of this bridge we set up there and were quite pleased with the shot. Then we continued only a few thousand feet down the road and found this slick double stone arch bridge. The keystone on the left arch has a build date of 1882. This was a fun chase on a Sunday morning for two railfans from Central Wisconsin. Sometimes the best chases are those where you don’t really know the territory and end up stumbling onto the best of shots by accident.

More photos from this chase and other photos shot on the BNSF and CP on the same day can be found here:

Dead Center Hill (also see upper right corner of above photo): This is where it all went down. Warren also knew of the place; no lie this time. Warren again separated from Wilson and climbed this hill just to the south of the river, leaving a piece of kane (Old Kane) as a marker.

Arch Rock greeted “Warren Again Separated From Wilson” at Dead Center Hill

Wyatt, born on March 19, 1848, to Nicholas Porter Earp and his second wife, Virginia Ann Cooksey, was named after his father’s commanding officer in the Mexican-American War, Captain Wyatt Berry Stapp, of the 2nd Company Illinois Mounted Volunteers. Some evidence supports Wyatt Earp’s birthplace as 406 South 3rd Street in Monmouth, Illinois, though the street address is disputed by some.[who?] Monmouth is in Warren County in western Illinois.[5]

youngest brother:


It is the eastern most city west of the Mississippi river.

twin towns Wilson City and Wyatt in Mississippi County, Missouri on Wyatt topo map with Cairo, Illinois at top


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