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Marbles 02





Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, the son of Gladys Love (née Smith; April 25, 1912 – August 14, 1958) and Vernon Elvis Presley (April 10, 1916 – June 26, 1979),[12] in the two-room shotgun house built by Vernon’s father in preparation for the child’s birth. Jesse Garon Presley, his identical twin brother, was delivered stillborn 35 minutes before him.[13] As an only child, Presley became close to both parents and formed an especially close bond with his mother. The family attended an Assembly of God church, where he found his initial musical inspiration.[14]

“There can be….

… little doubt



Better call Saul!



*Jack’s son* (Daniel, or Danny) is special.
Shines. Like moonshine.


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When you get a Scarlet in Orange County next to Georgia and Mitchell, you think of O’hara. Not the airport. Don’t say I don’t know nothing about birthing no map synchs!


I won’t GNIRPS. And thank you again for your contributions to the Frank and Herman, Einstein! blog.


Glad to be of service.



Orangeville points out Orange County, Indiana home of basketballhead legend Larry Bird. Scarlet in northwest corner of same county. Near Scarlet, WV is Bias, like Lenny Bias. Larry Bird and Lenny Bias: twins. Orange basketballhead twins, highlighted in scarlet. Third Scarlet (GA) near Seals(ton). This is, once again, the Scarlet Triangle.


Georgia was also Larry’s mother’s given name.


Sealston here before:


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stuffed maps 01

Ordinary, VA


Smoky Ordinary, VA


What might be happening:

Smoky Ordinary next to Dolphin linked to Warfield, indicating former Miami Dolphin great Paul Warfield.

Another Warfield (WV/KY):


Another Warfield (GA):


“We need to go back to Willard-Note, then, and look at more examples perhaps. Willard is a note in the Book of Music known as Winesap. We know what Winesap is. It’s in Herbert Domain. You can make Cash off of it. Get Credit for it. At the top is the 2 Hermans and the 2 Fishers. You know what this is. A door, an opening. You know that Bono *shuts* the door after ’23. Faulkner County is deadened, but that may be a green book behind the blue and red book we are dealing with. You know that too.”


Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Yes. In the flesh.


Thanks for showing up. We have a little time I suppose.

Hucka D.:

Always time for me, right?


Yes. So the trail leads to the Beech Grove which is the Beach City — for Willard — and inside this grove he thinks of Kate Swift. The reverend who has broken a corner of the Glass in his bell tower study also thinks of Kate — the Lady. He thinks the lady who smokes in her bed and reads is sinful but he also remembers reading books of ladies’ smoking so perhaps it is not so un*Ordinary*. Smoking is ordinary. Smoky Ordinary.

Hucka D.;

Yes. You are doing fine. Good night.


Thanks Hucka D.


“So continuing… I also believe Lovely and Beauty relate to Kate Swift, as described by both Reverend Hartman and also George Willard. As Lovely is also Love + Lee, this may related to the Civil War and Confederate Army led by Lee, and war fields involved, many of which are in Virginia. We’ve already encountered Love Valley in various disguises.”


I thought you had gone to bed, Hucka D. Maybe you should turn out the light.

Hucka D.:

Oh… just borrowing your computer for a while. Couldn’t you sleep?


Kept thinking of Warfield and Paul and wars in general. Civil War.

Hucka D.:

Me too.



I see that a Warfieldsburg is only several miles north of Winfield in Maryland, Hucka D. Missed that before.

Kermit also here:

Hucka D.:

Didn’t Kermit the Frog with the face of Cardboard Derek Jones greet Baker Bloch in the afterlife at West End? Think so. And also Kermit has come up regarding that rock in Sharieland, the one that looks like a frog. *Wait*, there was a *Dolphin* Rock as well there. Wasn’t there?


Sho’ ‘nuf.


(to be continued)

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Revisiting “Marlin”



1904 Pettis County map (same year as the circus train wreck mentioned above with the gorilla escape). I’ve indicated that Beaman use to be called or has variable name Marlin.


Other non-Marlin based variable name besides Beaman in above is Laboratory. Here is a Falmouth collage dealing with just this combination of names: “Beemen” (or 2 Beeman), related to alchemical laboratory, that may or may not be same as meth lab, a la a Breaking Bad. If latter, 2 beemen here are Mr. White and Mr. Pinkman.


Then in “Beeman,” the following collage, I originally had a giant turtle peering over the rock at the 2 beemen. This represents Green Turtle, which is a rock directly behind the rock pictured in the collage, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Is that the legendary Edward Stone? At last?


Unsure. But anyway I decided the turtle didn’t fit into the collage, as I kept adding in lego works originally found in “2989” a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe it was just a couple of days back that I created it. So many collages in so short a time (!).

Hucka D.:

54 and counting. You’ll reach 61. The magic number. Then your work will be done.

(to be continued)

“Green represents safety. Green represent protection. The turtle protects. Where is the cat part? Not needed to know yet.”


So this is like Jessee and Walt’s lab on Breaking Bad. Interesting.

Hucka D.:

The lab is an alchemist’s lab, not technically a chemist’s lab. The red-blue death is beyond the rock, out more in the real world. Edward Stone shelters the two individuals, busy as men bees, from all that. Until the end[ of Season 3].


Edwardston’s number is 3, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Now if we look at that picture (“Beemen”), we can see more the process. It deals with TILE. The blue lego piece at the top gives first clue that this is the top of the TILE Waterfall, and the tile/lego is about to drop down. Falls. The only reason we do not have a type of death at the bottom of the fall or falls is The Contraption. The Contraption must be a perpetual motion machine, and it is. It works backwards and forwards in time[ as stated]. It powers the fall of TILE. The lego pieces are like the marbles that fall. Pull up a picture of Newton 09 if you wish.

Then, as we already know from early in Collagesity’s history, we have a link between Falls County Texas and its central Marlin (largest pop place of that name?), and Tired Falls of my virtual village, along with the falls pouring out of the front of the town diner. Perch.


I am becoming CH. Geneva+Houston County Alabama shows this.

*Then*, Marlinton has just come up in a Frank and Herman Einstein! blog post related to August and Pink Cone (=Pinkie?) and Big Island mythos stuff. Here’s that link again, but it’s actually the post just below this.

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Big Island Revisited 01



Hucka D, you have to be aware of these little synchronicities in research: Green and Adair conjunction in Oklahoma in two separate places.



“I found a pink cone near August, West Virginia. Pinkie… the wee-est. Mysterious movings of this cone mentioned here. Pinkie is Peter, again.”


But here’s the reason I’m sure that Derleth should be invoked here: the presence of a Pons sim immediately east of Chesaux, and then the presence of *Holmes* sim directly east of that — all in a row. Derleth saw his character Solar *Pons*, similarly, as a direct successor to Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock *Holmes*. Yet as Hucka D. has already discussed, Pons and Holmes are also the names of comets, and thus their conjunction here in the Comet Archipelago may have nothing to do with a Derleth homage, but just one of those happy or meaningful “accidents” that seems to occur with such frequency when dealing with SL mythology.


Dr. Bloodmoney:


Book found in New Wells (hole behind Hucka D.’s lakeside cottage in Chesaux, covered by Tron arcade game). On front is Blood Dr., on back is Dr. Blood. The book read from back is different from one read from first. It is a 4d book. It is found in the hole, or in direct conjunction with the hole. This is new material. The book is *not* Philip Dick’s Dr. Bloodmoney, but there still may be a relationship. It is a red book. Or blue book. Or both. Purest Green inside?

Players assume the role of an unnamed person known as the Stranger, who stumbles across an unusual book titled “Myst”. The Stranger reads the book and discovers a detailed description of an island world called Myst. Placing his hand on the last page, the Stranger is whisked away to the world described, and is left with no choice but to explore the island.[7][8] Myst contains a library where two additional books can be found, colored red and blue. These books are traps that hold Sirrus and Achenar, the sons of Atrus, who once lived on Myst island with his wife Catherine. Atrus writes special “linking books” that transport people to the worlds, or “Ages”, that the books describe. From the panels of their books, Sirrus and Achenar both tell the Stranger that Atrus is dead, Sirrus hypothesizing that he must have died since he hasn’t returned from looking for evidence against them, while Achenar claims Sirrus murdered him. Both plead for the Stranger to help them escape. However, the books are missing several pages, so the sons’ messages are at first unclear, and riddled with static.

As the Stranger continues to explore the island, more books linking to more Ages are discovered hidden behind complex mechanisms and puzzles. The Stranger must visit each Age, find the red and blue pages hidden there, and return to Myst Island. These pages can then be placed in the corresponding books. As the Stranger adds more pages to these books, the brothers can speak more clearly. Each brother maintains that the other brother cannot be trusted. After collecting four pages, the brothers can talk clearly enough to tell the Stranger where the fifth page is hidden. If the Stranger gives either brother their fifth page, they will be free. The Stranger is left with a choice to help Sirrus, Achenar, or neither.[9]

Both brothers beg the Stranger not to touch the green book that is stored in the same location as their last pages. They claim that it is a book like their own that will trap the Stranger. In truth, it leads to D’ni, where Atrus is imprisoned. When the book is opened, Atrus asks the Stranger to bring him a final page that is hidden on Myst Island; without it, he cannot bring his sons to justice. The game has several endings, depending on the player’s actions. Giving either Sirrus or Achenar the final page of their book causes the Stranger to switch places with the son, leaving the player trapped inside the Prison book. Linking to D’ni without the page Atrus asks for leaves the Stranger and Atrus trapped on D’ni. Linking to D’ni with the page allows Atrus to complete his Myst book and return to the island.[9] Upon returning to the library, the player finds the red and blue books gone, and burn marks on the shelves where they used to be.

Myst is a direct antecedent to Second Life, especially translated through legendary explorer Salazar Jack.



Quoting again from this:

No coincidence, either, that Hucka D. becomes involved, early on in his SL existence, with the audiovisual synchronicity Tronesis, with music provided by the Peter Gabriel led version of Genesis. Peter/Pinky, in a way, is Peter Gabriel as well, as seen in the celestial mechanics of the Cross of the Lamb.

This has to do with a lot of other things, apparently, like (perhaps) the fact that the Mole Hill convexity on the island appears as a Mountain from a distance (another WV or West Virginia idea). Speaking of which, the *sealed* hole also represents West Virginia, I think, especially The Jug region of Middle Creek Island.

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Strange Duck

WV’s Duck.

Composite shot: “Strange” (12:38)duck (12:40).

The Residents. (of VWX Town)

Arrival on Dune (Electrocutioner).


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Why Blue Jay?

Hucka D.:



John Scott Harrison is the only man in U.S. history to be the son of a president and the father of a president. He was born in North Bend and is buried in his father’s vault in North Bend.,_Washington

North Bend is a city in King county, Washington, United States. The town was made famous by David Lynch’s television series Twin Peaks (also filmed in nearby Snoqualmie.)


Bracket J.:

I get it. It’s from 1Pink. Pennsylvania is 1Pink.

Hucka D.:

Yes. That’s something I wanted to talk to you about when you weren’t home the other day. I couldn’t have *seen* you but I could have spoken to you still. I wanted to explain about 1Pink. Hatch… Seal.

Bracket J.:


Hucka D.:

Never mind, Long Way. You’re here now. And that’s what counts.

Bracket J.:

Are you on your rainbow causing hallucinogens again, Hucka D. The Bee?

Hucka D.:

You bet!

Bracket J.:

Well… let me have it (!)

Hucka D.:

Are you lost? That’s not what I mean.



This is the only thing that comes to mind, guys.

Bracket J.:

Oh Canada (!)


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