Yards Mtn. 03

Continuing with more images from Wedge. 5 Trees just below Wedge or perhaps making up South Wedge. Tilie x 5. Amazing and meaningful. Each of the 5 trees has a spirit? The largest overturned tree is also the lowest. The 5th? Or the first? Akin to Tilie, probably.

A blue and then a purple soda can more in central Wedge. There was an early fight over which color was more important.

A later edition to an area south of Wedge, between Wedge and the road (name of road?). Maybe even yet another rock lineup made by Michael Too, but the possibility is more remote.

Cut sticks in a stack. Perhaps preparation for a camping spot that never materialized, or no clear signs here that I can see.

Interesting rock in the creek that also flows through Wedge just uphill. Name pending. Seems somehow similar to Norris’ Voice Rock for some reason. Maybe about same size and shape.

Another open area beyond the rock pictured above, downhill and to the left of Wedge.

Mushroom from this open area.

Now on the other side of Yards Mtn., we have this nice, large meadow, looking up toward the top of the mountain. Cows graze here. Maybe horses.

Again near the Wedge now, but on the opposite side of the road below it, and on another creek emptying into [ ]. This creek will also figure into the newly developed arm of Herman Park mythology. This depression, I assume, harbours a small pool during rainy periods, but is now devoid of water. It will probably also garner a name eventually.

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