Yards Mtn. 02

Another quite interesting rock near Herman’s Grave, and I think I *will* call this one Herman Rock. So you have Herman Rock below Herman’s Grave on one side, and then Munster Rock with the too peculiar lighting bolt shaped quartz vein on the other side (see below), making them sort of framing rocks for the grave in toto. Herman+ Munster = Herman Munster.

Sorry… here’s Herman Rock as a whole, then. I didn’t position the 4 small rocks on that ledge; someone else did. More codes to ponder if not to break?

Now moving to the other side and below the grave: Munster Rock.


Campfire at the base of the rock.

Closeup of the Lightning Bolt. Since this is quartz again, can it be directly associated with Lisa the Vegetarian? Keep in mind this is not on Wealthy Mtn., however, but neighboring Yards Mtn., that has almost the exact same elevation, though.

Further west and downhill, but still on Yards Mtn. proper, we have this protruding ridge filled with old junk such as bottles, barrels, pots, fencing, tools, and much more. As we shall see, this will most likely become the material for an “art happening” at Wedge in the valley below this and to the north (north side of Yards Mtn.).

Then we move to some pictures within said valley, the first of rock piles closer to the top of the ridge than Wedge…

… and then a shot from Wedge itself: a mossy island in the middle of Wedge’s most central stream flow, as yet unnamed. I would wager a bet that a map of Wedge will be forthcoming.

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