What is it?




It’s a pod. For exploring space. And time. Me.


Because you are the all, I’m guessing.



Hucka D.:

It got here — predicted that you’ll call me in or ring me up — because it’s an escape pod. Wyn Galbraith Cutout was forgotten at the town meeting. For some reason she didn’t count. She was, let’s see, the 13th or 14th.

bb (after a pause):

I have just been counting and it looks like 15 or 16, with Wyn, if I may be so formal with her, the 17th. A lot of characters!

Hucka D.:

Now the forgotten enters the pod sideways. Is she heading to a different space and time? Can the pod actually launch?


I’m going to dig up the post I was just reading earlier today about when this pod first appeared in Old Pietmond. Interesting. Hold on:


Here’s another:


I’m reminded of several things, then. First, the pod originally sat in the Temple of TILE at the very spot which Carrcassonne occupies now, the immobile form of her, heehee.

Hucka D.:



We are the same, the all.


Well, you’re certainly close to the same color. And about the same size. Yet you didn’t show up until about a year later in the Temple of TILE. That’s another point — since its erection, the temple hasn’t changed much down through the years now. It’s been sort of a stability point. Remember when we were going to devote quite a lot of time to the discussion of VWX Town buildings?

Hucka D.:

The Temple of TILE should be in a sinkhole. It’s not now. But what are you going to do? Carrcassonne, the ruler of the temple, is ultimately displaced. Can she return?


Probably not, Hucka D. Sunklands is dead, seemingly. No return to Sikkima[ 14th sinkhole of SL] is perhaps possible. The other sinkholes — on Corsica and Maebaeleia — probably not as well.

Hucka D. (reinforcing):

The temple needs to be in a sink. Sink in, and all.

bb (after counting):

10 holes in the pod still. The mouth, where Ms. Galbriath passes through sideways, is the Sun, we’ve speculated before. And the hole at the top is Pluto, the destination point perhaps. This is a launching pod for an Ancient. Ancient Rising.

Hucka D.:

Wyn G. is at the mouth. Are you in or out, and so forth. Is she coming or going? Clues.



This is Sharon.


I wanted to speculate a bit more on the newest object in VWX Town. It’s kind of like it belongs there and doesn’t belong there at the same time, which makes me think it *might* be a rocketship, a pod spaceship, or perhaps a memorial to a spaceship. It’s tied into whoever Wyn Galbraith — the forgotten — is. (pause) I wonder if it has to do with Casey the Alien, another new object in the town, and with somewhat similar colors. Wyn, I believe, is going to get in that ship and travel to distant places, maybe Uranus and Neptune, possibly Pluto. But she is arriving at the same time, which makes me think the ship exists in a time rift, where coming and going are the same. A breakdown of normal reality, which is probably pretty common in malleable and low gravity Second Lyfe. (pause) That the object exists in Westside also seems important. I’m also reminded of the concept of Piepodt, which is a sort of melding of words Pietmond and Teepot.

Right after the pod appeared in Old Pietmond, the underground, Pluto, started opening up. We found an opening into the underground, the underworld perhaps.

Great pic. This is the L and the P together. Pluto symbol. Casey The Alien exists in a newly dug underground for VWX Town. Casey The Alien was similarly in Old Pietmond’s Underground.


A cube/sphere half the diameter of a second will enter the second to make a whole. Lock. Turn, then. It’s on.


What happens then?

Hucka D.:

Each become stronger. Pietmond stronger.

This must be the concept of Piepodt.

I wonder about the nearby pool of water backed by the obelisk, another Old Pietmond related tableau.




I’d forgotten that Carrcassonne was originally called Piepodt.

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