Marlin (cont.)

In the Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway’s 1952 novel The Old Man and the Sea, the central character of the work is an aged Cuban fisherman who, after 84 days without success on the water, heads out to sea to break his run of bad luck. On the 85th day, Santiago, the old fisherman, hooks a resolute marlin; what follows is a great struggle between man, sea creature, and the elements.

Miami may be a carrier word. Formerly called the Florida Marlins.

Dophin may also be assoc. as in Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins. There’s this from VA that I knew about…


Conj. of (Paul) Warfield and Dolphin. Unlisted Smoky Ordinary next to Dolphin also seems peculiar.

Dolphin may not be named for ocean fish here, unlike other Dolphin pp in Washington.

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