BM Urban Landscape 07/31/15 01

Lookout near Point-1 from the other side of Leola Creek. Originally pictured here.


At the back of the same commercial building with this lookout: a perhaps disrepaired fruit drink vending machine. Well, who needs those anyway when you have cokes and pepsis?


Another picnic table was found this day, tucked around a corner of a neighboring building.


Also on this day I explored more of Leola Creek’s mouth, finding some nifty and meaningful things. A nice fishing or wading pool exists on the creek it empties into (unnamed, as stated)…


… formed by a dam at this power station. The Leola Creek mouth would be just downstream from here.



Yet another picnic table was found positioned near this mouth, light blue in color. What a nice getaway spot.


Back in the Urban Landscape proper, this butterfly posed for me on a leaf in bright sunlight. It’s really been nice up here in Blue Mountain for the past couple of days. I even took off Friday to enjoy the weather, and may take half a day tomorrow (Monday) as well. We’ll see if I can wrap up some stuff at work first.


The word “ALO” found in a bus stop. Admittedly I doctored this photo a tiny bit, erasing two dots within the “L”. I think it is suppose to instead be an “E”. But now it’s not. The bus stop is located on the south edge of what I’m calling ALO, and I think the graffiti could be a synchy resonance anyway, if only for my eyes — and now your eyes, dear reader.


More “messsages” wtihin the same bus stop.


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