Chat 03


No, I really did have another party to attend. Well, a party period.

Hucka D.:

We know what’s going on [behind the scenes]. We know of the evil twin. We know of BoBylon.


Of course. I already told you.


This was all set up[ I’m afraid]. Yes, it was to protect you Baker Bloch, and baker b. through you. The famous or infamous Collagesity collagist up there and down here. You almost told Riverpearl that you were both a real life artist and a Second life artist at once.


It’s Pearl. Just Pearl.


You had so much to say and ask but your fingers limited you. Well, it’s actually this place. Imagine a place where the discourse is so limited. You type and erase, trying to take in what was said several exchanges back. In the end you get little results. Are you even a member of the group you asked to join?

BBloch (checking):

I don’t think so.


You wanted to discuss BoBylon with someone. Nautilus mainland. You are in the heart of the fire now, Baker Bloch. How does it feel?


Pretty good, actually. Speaking for my evil twin.


Well, let’s see how close [he and Chad Ghostal are] (reading):

“Voiced by Brad Abelle, Chad Ghostal is Space Ghost’s evil twin brother, distinguished from Space Ghost in physical appearance only by a crudely drawn Van Dyke beard. He is a beatnik, with a love for jazz music and outdated beatnik slang, and is both extremely cool and evil.” Sounds a bit like Chester. Chester, can you dig it!?

Chester (breaking off talking to Lisa):

I can!

Carr. (continuing):

“He is also quite the ladies’ man.” Well, well, well. (Carr. eyes Baker Bloch, then continues) “Chad is first mentioned in the episode Jerk where he calls in to the show to tell Space Ghost he has escaped from the asylum and will be there shortly. Chad’s first appearance onscreen is in “Switcheroo”,[citation needed] where he uses his resemblance to Space Ghost to switch places with him…” blah blah blah. Blah blah blah, Chester!


Blah blah blah!


And so you wanted to speak to another about BoBylon. On the mainland. Nautilus. Completed book. The pieces stitched together that are BoBylon. BoBylon. And this is where your collage series will start?


I don’t know. (looking around) Hucka D. must have flown off to get more toast. Oh, drat, I can’t say he flew off now… no wings.


Or buzzed off. We’ll miss out on so many of those jokes.


I wonder what he’ll eventually decide to become?


Well, we know he’s a woman now and that’s a start. Endless possibilities. AC and DC. Highway to Hell and back [in black?].


That sounds like[ something of] a closer, Carrcassonne. Gotta get up in an hour or two… working slob you know.


Slob for sure.


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