“Ahh, I must admit it’s good to be back Baker Bloch. Collagesity North has been reborn. A lot of characters have or will be returning. But there’s still the matter of Tronesisia and Bendy. I can’t wait to meet her. Hasn’t she been in Collagesity before, though? The name rings a bell.”

“No,” answers the male Baker with a lie. He wants to erase the robot’s seedier origins in Collagesity and other towns like Bennington. “She’s worked for Pitch and Buster for a long time.”

“More new faces. But: exiled vampires from VHC City? I thought that city was supposed to be sort of a mother to Collagesity, kind of like Chilbo.” Baker Blinker pauses and puts her finger to chin. “But I guess Chilbo didn’t work out either as a whole. We’ve been there 3 months and our story hasn’t even begun. Karoz got tired of waiting — said he needed to return to his Temple of TILE, his school, his rocket. Most immediately, his rocket.”

“Yes, we need to get Tronesisia and maybe Mary up to Muff-Bermingham asap, whenever she shows up.”

“Which should be soon,” Baker Blinker adds.

“Yes.” They both look up the road into Collagesity North but nothing appears.

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