This is perhaps the only seal left in Collagesity now outside of collages, Hucka Doobie. Is this what Falmouth 59 was pointing to? This sealed off part of the train tracks?”

“I don’t know Baker Bloch. 4 posts to end. 3 if you count this. Sealsity — sorry, Sealston — will be reactivated one last time. Someone will have to go up again — rectify things.”

“Mary,” suggests Baker Bloch.

“Has to be.”

“Then ‘Floydodo’ is somehow another portal animal? Or subbing for one?”

“Can we squeeze more information out of Osborne Well before she heads up?” asks Hucka Doobie in return.

Baker follows with yet another question. “Are we not going to go through this picture into the sealed off area?”

“Are we never going to stop asking questions to each other without answer?” Hucka Doobie smiles. “Just kidd’n. Let’s go through the picture here. Won’t hurt.”

“After you.”

“No, you.”


“What are we looking for, Hucka Doobie?”

“Not sure. What’s behind *this* wall?”

Baker checks. “Just the outside of Castle Jack. In front of Carrcassonee’s gazebo.”

“Hmm. Let’s return to collage 59. Maybe we missed something.”

Baker huffs, knowing this will take several more minutes of remote viewing to find. “Alright,” he relents.


Instead they then find themselves seated with The Librarian at the lime table, still inside the sealed zone. Baker Bloch stares at him, wishing he would speak. Hucka Doobie strains to look around the blocking 1150 Quatrains Pillar at the picture of Roostre on the wall.

“Did I tell you I saw Earl Dinkins at the Chelsea about a month back, Hucka? He hadn’t changed one lick.”

“That was suppose to be my line but I don’t think it matters at this point.”

“I wonder if the answer is in his quatrains? Happened before. LINK”

“Maybe if we sit here long enough,” Hucka Doobie offered, “the right answer will come along. But I still think collage 59 holds more info. Or perhaps Osborne Well. Can we summon him here?”

“Tell you what. Let’s go by Pitch’s place and see if we can talk to him there, and then head up into the Fal Mouth Moon. My neck hurts from all this remote viewing tonight. Darkly Manor is right on the way.”


Instead, another figure takes the place of The Librarian. Duncan Avocado. “I believe I was summoned?” he queries.

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