Grand Spot 01

I believe the shallow pool of water at the lower end of Red Head may now be called The Grand or Grand Pool or something equivalent. Model: Grand Lake, Ohio, also very shallow. More on Grand Lake and its Mercer County soon enough. Thanks!

Celina = Jupiter, Coldwater = Saturn, Neptune = Neptune (etc.)
Mercer County is our Solar System.

Mercer County flag

Quilted Rock near Celina

We stopped on the way back home to get a closer look and take pictures. I contacted Stoneco—actually a company called Shelly that acquired the Stoneco quarries some years ago—to ask about the origins of the rock. I was told the rock had been placed to mark the northwest corner of the property that housed Stoneco in that location, but it had been a magnet for graffiti. A local artist, named Brenda Robinson, offered to paint the rock in a quilt-like design in order to discourage the vandalism. And, apparently, it worked, as the Shelly representative had no knowledge of any further defacement.

And that’s all there was to it. Frankly, I was a wee bit disappointed. I was hoping for something that involved a jilted lover, a family feud, and a ghost that haunts the grinder thingy next to the rock. So, what do you think? Tell us what your story would be for the origin of The Quilted Rock. Maybe we can get Stoneco to go with one of ours instead.

No relation between the quite similarly colored Quilted Rock and the official Mercer County flag that I can tell. Story of the flag here:

The lighthouse signifies Grand Lake, the largest man-made lake in Ohio. Beams radiating from the lighthouse stand for all six Mercer County schools: red for St. Henry, orange for Coldwater, gold for Parkway, green for Celina, blue for Marion Local, and purple for Fort Recovery. The flag committee added one final touch to the design. The foundation of the lighthouse was modified to have fourteen stone blocks. Each block represents one of the townships.

Red Head’s very shallow “Grand Pool”

But I wonder if a map like this could have possibly served as an inspiration for the colored Quilted Rock patterns.

Actually, I suppose it looks more like townships. More pondering to do here…


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