New Rubi Memorial

The two pictures below are of the newly placed “We Have Arrived Let’s Get Out of Here” Memorial to Collagesity founder and then deserter Ryan “Skippy” Rye, the front of which depicts his landing in the Rubi area during the year B.L. 2130 (with the B.L. standing for Before Linden in case you didn’t know). This was during the golden years of Lemon, when the high seas were dominated by lumberjacks and astronauts and the air was constantly filled with confetti and popped maize.

Skippy ordered Castle Ryan to be built by his slave equivalents, deemed it amateur and stupid, and departed from what would become the Minoa sim after only 6 days, steering his land-ship back into the Rubi Woods and departing through its central portal for destinations unknown to this day.



Castle Ryan was rebuilt and rechristened Castle Jack in 23 A.L. by dictator and stand-up comedian Jack “Jiff” Danielsonlanderscroft (stock photo missing).

Collagesity resident and Skippy Rye descendant Karla Danielsonlanderscroft with son Alf at the new memorial.


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3 responses to “New Rubi Memorial

  1. veyot

    I sure do like to read about the characters who live at Collagesity. I have visited there many times, but I never catch one of them at work. You have inspired me to start building a motel, and I will soon be copying your style and inventing some travelers to rent the rooms.

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