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Tabula rasa

“Alderaan?” exclaims Paul. “Where the heck is Alderaan, Wheeler?”

No answer.


“Sure are a lot of clowns on this tv.”

“Clowns are everywhere,” she says. “Everywhere,” she reinforces.



“We’re going to have to look for Mary again sometime, Wheeler. You can’t just have this doll substitute sitting beside you forever here.”

Wheeler begins to sob. Paul joins her a bit.


Peter SoSo returns from The Above. “What are you guys looking at?”

“What else?” answers Paul, sniffing.

“Well,” Peter says, staring at the doll and exhaling, “I think I know what must… be done. We can all chip in.”

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Nancy finally forced Danny to eat a salad and they had to carry him out of the eatery on a stretcher.

“I’m so sorry, dearest. It won’t happen again.”

“I’m… dying.”

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