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Big Reveal

“Omikron City is where I’m from,” a tipsy Teebestia continued for a half listening Danny. “Dancer.”

“Is a full house two sixes?” he asked, staring down.

“David *Bowie* was there. David frick’n Bowie!”

Danny sighs disinterestedly, looks to his right. “Where’d Jackson go? The big blue dude with the gun?”

“Yeah, we were hunting for something for sure,” she slurs, head wobbling. “A *demon*. A demon at the center of it all. Aspertame? Darnit! I can’t remember of the demon we were *all* hunting down there. Over there. Up there.” She points in different directions around the bar. “Hmmm. Why can I not think of… that name??”

Danny turned to her. “Astarte,” he said levelly.

Teebestia’s mouth drops. She even drools a little bit. “What did you say?”

Facing forward, he becomes disjointed again. “Nancy is sooo late.”


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No sign of Mary still in Grassland. They stood on its edge now.

“Doesn’t look much like an owl’s head,” Teebestia commented while looking forward. “More like a simple cube.”

“There’s angles to it,” Paul explains. “Things may have been added and subtracted down through the years. It’s a sacred crossover.” He begins to hover in the air. “Like I said, you can fly on this side, but once you cross the line — enter Lapara — everything is suddenly grounded. (Thus) the reason for the balloon (props). I use to sit-in, as they say, but now I’m comfortable with flying. Here, hover up to me and I’ll show you.

“Soon as I touch ground,” the transmogrified Paul declared.

Teebestia wondered what would happen to her. She panicked.

“I… I’ve decided I have to leave. Another client. Still on the clock, you know. Sorry to rush off. We’ll catch up later. Tata!” She zoomed back into the heart of Grassland and reversed rabbit holed up to Audreys.

“Gin and tonic,” she told Bean. “Make it a double.”

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“Shouldn’t you be telling the police about a missing person case? I’m just a lawyer.”

“I didn’t know who to turn to,” Paul confessed. “Are you sure you don’t want a beer, Teebestia?”

“Teeb, please,” she admonished lightly. “No, not while on the clock, thank you.”

“I don’t know,” Paul continued. “You seemed like an honest person. (With a) good heart.”

“I appreciate that.”

Paul didn’t look over at her while talking. “I’m afraid Mary… went home. Broken heart. It was just after talking about Little One that it happened. Poof… gone.”

“Little One being the last lamb of Grassland.” Teebestia scratched the back of her head. “Tell me more about your Mary if you will.”

“We met in school. Bennington. She was a dancer, I was a stand up comedian. She was into animal rights even then, her and Peter together. That’s how Lamb was created. Broadway.”

“Lamb is the same as Broadway,” Teebestia attempted to clarify.

“Yes,” affirmed Paul.

Teebestia put both hands gently on the counter, just saying what she had to say at this point. “How did *you* get here, then? And how and why do you change *races*?” She thought back to yesterday, when she witnessed the conversion up close and personal. Right as they crossed the line from Astarte into Lapara.

Paul couldn’t reveal what he really wanted to here, the Big One. So he invited her to Owls Head as a substitute. That way they could also look for Mary, if by chance she was still around the underground somewhere. They shot down the newly relocated Rabbit Hole.

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