Big Reveal

“Omikron City is where I’m from,” a tipsy Teebestia continued for a half listening Danny. “Dancer.”

“Is a full house two sixes?” he asked, staring down.

“David *Bowie* was there. David frick’n Bowie!”

Danny sighs disinterestedly, looks to his right. “Where’d Jackson go? The big blue dude with the gun?”

“Yeah, we were hunting for something for sure,” she slurs, head wobbling. “A *demon*. A demon at the center of it all. Aspertame? Darnit! I can’t remember of the demon we were *all* hunting down there. Over there. Up there.” She points in different directions around the bar. “Hmmm. Why can I not think of… that name??”

Danny turned to her. “Astarte,” he said levelly.

Teebestia’s mouth drops. She even drools a little bit. “What did you say?”

Facing forward, he becomes disjointed again. “Nancy is sooo late.”


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2 responses to “Big Reveal

  1. veyot

    “Nancy is sooo late.” But Veyot was even later and they were all gone by the time she got there. Odd thing, the bar was gone, too. But I looked with my camera in all the corners of Astarte, and THERE it was, in a special location.

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