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Teebestia tries to understand. She had followed Paul up to this sim line but didn’t cross when he changed from white to black. Then she didn’t follow him again across the same line when he entered Malone Central through Owls Head. She *is* scared. Something deep down keeps her from doing so. And now Hoss has had a vision! Omikron City… black lady, he said. Teebestia suspects David Bowie’s wife but then tries to remember if she had ever *been* this wife back there. Hmmm. “Something doesn’t add up,” she says aloud.

Teebestia huffs and turns toward Clownski’s. I can’t wait to hear those kids play this weekend, she thinks. My former paper boys!

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stay green

Having filled his backpack with more food and supplies from Rocky’s market, Paul was about to enter the underground again when he saw the enlarged hole to the right. No longer a circle but an ellipse.

Then a train ran over him but he was use to that.

Scott Walker (giant sloth) was no longer where he formerly was just beyond, causing havoc in Olde Lapara Towne. Had he moved elsewhere?

He better get back home to Malone Central before he loses his bearings in the labyrinthine streets and alleyways.

But he can’t resist summoning the green ickle from the depths first.

Such fun — but it didn’t knock him out of the red circle per usual.

Sim line. And to his right again: underground. The correct way home.

Mary warned of war. Lamb will not and cannot die with Ram, she said. She had traced the slaughter back to Inertia through The Grapevine. Her three poor possessed nephews were preparing to perform in Clownski’s this coming weekend. Punk, pure and raw. At least the sheriff (their brother) broke free of its deadening influence. Thud thud thud thud. Paul winces at the thought and enters the dark waters again. 10 seconds later he was run over by another train.


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