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sixes and sevens

Rocky Racco was in the middle of rehearing his piano solo in Story Room’s “Fire Ants” legacy single when Baker Bloch rezzed a chair beside him and broke the news.

“You’re leaving?” he uttered while still tinkering with the solo a bit. Baker answers affirmatively. “How many are you taking?”

“We can take *you* if you wish. But, otherwise, Wheeler Wilson I assume. Maybe Buster, maybe others. Unsure still.”

“And who is already in Collagesity?” queries the anthropomorphic raccoon.

“Well, Pitch Darkly is there, kind of a new alter-ego I suppose you could call it. He comes from VHC City. Also: Woody Woodmanson, formerly of Snowlands. Now see, this is a trick — *our* Mary use to be engaged to Pitch, and maybe still is. Somehow realities have split apart by us — me — being here. If Mary goes back to Collagesity with Wheeler and the others, say, she may not even remember her life with Paul here, both black and white versions of him.”

“You have more stories to tell (in this town),” countered Rocky. “How about my cousin Tealie from the underground?”

“Tealie can show up in another book, another place,” answered Baker Bloch, standing by his resolution.

“Just because your last two — graphic novels is it?” Baker Bloch nods here. “… these graphic novels of yours end in 6 sections doesn’t mean that the situation can’t change now. You can extend to 7. Think how much more story could be told in another 20 or so posts? My story, for instance. Who made me? Do you even know who made me? I was merely an ordinary raccoon at one time far in the past.”

“My guess would be Paul, if Paul resonates with Paul McCartney strongly enough.”

“Oh. Well, you knew that, then.”

“But you could be a nuclear mutation caused by that explosion which was winnowed down just to your mushroom house thanks to the quick actions of All Nancy’s.”

“Could be that too.” Rocky looks directly into Baker Bloch’s eyes. “Please stay. I don’t want you to go. I want to…”

“Live?” Baker offered. “Then come with me… us.”

Rocky abruptly slammed down the lid to the grand piano’s keyboard. Chef/Inspector Petty turned around from interviewing Mary and Paul in another part of the theatre room.

Rocky gets up and brushes by Baker on the way to the teleporter. They soon find him in Audrey’s below, drinking and talking with his new best bud Terry.

“They want to end me. They want to end *us*,” he says, trying to ignore their presence.

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Here’s to Olde Lapara Towne!

During the writing of my “2017 Collagesity Early” document, I’ve been closely monitoring the town’s facebook page…


… for current projects concocted by its owners Levi Clownski and his mate Shoshi (inworld names). While I haven’t been able to directly incorporate all that goes on in the large and quite active village into my almost completed (!) tale, I certainly appreciate the energy and creativity involved. Many villages you visit in Second Life are in a state of stasis in contrast, fixed in nature with little to no interest coming from the outside. Unfortunately for the last several months, my own Collagesity has fallen into that category. I must return soon and attempt to resusitate if possible.

I’ve already been through one change of seasons during my short stay in OLT, and eagerly await to see what Levi and Shoshi come up for the fall to winter conversion. But I probably won’t be renting there at the time, my attached fictional flow basically over. Not that I ever forget locations where I forge stories; they will always be part of my “orbit” now. And so it will be with OLT. Portals may open up in the coming months and years, allowing interaction between characters who still may reside there (in some dimension) and those that have come before and after. There’s a possibility that at least another whole section of a novel may be devoted to the town (probably not another book), like I did with Sansara’s Snowlands or, heck, my own Collagesity at the end of “Collagesity 2017 Early” (otherwise “set” in what I call VHC City and also Bliss Gardens Park).

One of the most interesting aspects of Olde Lapara Towne that has come up during my stay is Levi’s recent call for help in decorating the city’s hotel, named the Grand Lapara Hotel after its home sim. Just to note, about half the town lies in the sim of Astarte, with the other half, the older part, being in Lapara to its north, and from which it takes the name. The contrasting nature of these two sides, both real and imagined, plays an interesting role in my graphic novel. Back to the hotel: I gained a deeper respect for the structure when I learned that Levi had modeled it after a real New York City place once called Hotel Dixie, c. 1930’s era. His page on the subject here:


Anyway, a big thanks to Levi and Shoshi for putting up with what must be viewed as my strange middle-of-the-night posturings within their fine village. Many well wishes for its continued evolution in future times, and I’ll be back to keep an eye on what happens for certain — may even rent there again if the situation fits.

Keep on keeping on OLT!

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