Soon after Nancy put on the Owls Head ring, Danny had a set-back at the hospital despite the successful stomach pumping and blood transfusion. He died on September 10th at 8:57pm. He was buried across the SLRR tracks in a family plot tucked within a long strip of Linden eucalyptuses, ironically the very same kind of plants he ran away from all his life. Danny’s parents Richard and Linda Defiance, a well respected Lapara welder and psychic respectively, had been interred many years before on either side. He was with loved ones now.

But what would become of Nancy, who maybe didn’t love Danny but liked him some? At least they had had a physical relationship… of sorts. Nancy wanted more. She desired a psychic relationship as well but Danny shied away from it because of his mother’s involvement with the subject. He never understood the tarot card and tea leaf readings which repeatedly warned that running away from plants all his life would eventually catch up with him.

Nancy didn’t even have anyone to share her grieving with. No relatives remained; Danny was an only child and so were his mother and father. Bettie and Buster were still missing. Rocky had to run his market — he hadn’t hired that extra hand yet. Perhaps Nancy should go work for Rocky. Or there was always Wheeler for it.

Wiping her eyes, Nancy then lay on the roof of the train stop shelter just across the tracks, looking up at the blue sky and pondering future things while fiddling with that cursed ring which most certainly was not finished with her.

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