Earie, Rocky and Terry

Earie decided to teleport over to the sim named Ear for potential musical inspiration but found only an empty sim with nothing in it except Route 02 and some lining Linden trees and plants. But just to the north: another potential Heterocera Smallerville.

And yet another Bodega Supermarket and Deli within. Is this where the pink elephant went? he asks himself.

Nope, no red door in back like Terry said there would be.


Rocky heard a noise in back. He quickly picks up his gun and gets in ready position. “Alrighty come on out of there scoundrel.”

“Whoa, chill there Mr. R. It’s just me. Terry. The guy you hired to replace the comedian, getting off his shift. You didn’t drive him away by trying to shoot him too, did ya?”

Wiping his brow, Rocky points the gun down. “Oh Terry. I forgot you were behind there.” What a handsome demon, Rocky thinks again. Is Terry so pretty he’s turning him gay? He gets out of the way so the new bartender can pass.

“Well… see you tomorrow. About 3 o’kay?”

“We don’t really get any business until around 4, Terry. So come at 4.”

Terry pouts, and so cutely that Rocky yields.

“Alright you can show up at 3. We’ll play cards together if no one is here.”

“Swell Mr. R. I can use the extra dough. I mean, from stealing your money at cards.” He points to him and emits a cool, clicking sound with his mouth before departing eastward. The smitten raccoon watches with great interest.

Rocky begins to plan where he’ll set up the card table and how the seats will be arranged. “I hope that dreaded pink elephant doesn’t show up early again reeking of marijuana,” he then mutters.

A light bulb turns on above his head. Pot!

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