“I have a minute, Baker Bloch, to speak with you. The Librarian told me about your curiosity. Do you even know who *I* am Baker?”

“First off, I wish you wouldn’t show up as my mother.”

“Not the point,” Wheeler returned.

“Alright,” Baker then said with an exhale. “You are David Bowie, also known to this blog as Bogota. Or at least that’s what he — you I suppose — wanted to be called at the time. How’s that for a start?”

“A good start,” she says. “A perfect start. I am David Bowie. I am the leader on all collages to come. And by collages there I mean audiovisual collages. Not these [silly] 2d-ers [polluting] your town.”

“Now that’s not very nice, er, Wheeler,” said Baker Bloch back. “I thought you liked my collages.”

“I like the ideas behind the collages. The collages themselves are not what I call art. You use protected images[ to begin].”

“Well, that’s what I’ve chosen to do. You chose to show up here as my mother, I chose to use illegal images in my art and deem them educational and non-commercial. The ideas *are* the important thing, not the surface quality or even quantity.”

“So we agree,” she says. “Your art is trash.”

“I guess it’s trash in the sense that it is bits and pieces of discarded stuff by others lumped together to make something new and hopefully interesting, idea-wise.”

“Cool enough,” she then said, putting finger to lip. “Curled Paper, you’ve been your usual silent self. What’s your opinion of this town, the art in the town? Do you think it’s trash as well? Or do you think it is worth saving in and of itself? Or do you have an opinion at all? If you’re going to sit at The Table…” But Wheeler then bit her sarcastic tongue just in time to save some grace. Curled Paper still didn’t speak. Perhaps he was already insulted?

The Librarian chipped in some thoughts. “We need to speak of the album “3 Friends”. And the attached synchronicities. They are called synchronicities instead of collages, no?”

“Yes,” Baker Bloch answered.

“Please do,” added Wheeler with some sarcasm.

“Can I say their names on this blog? I know Hucka Doobie listed them out the other day. I was here.”

“Were you?” Baker Bloch truly couldn’t remember.

“Yes,” answers The Librarian. “So… can I?” He turns to Wheeler now and repeats the question. “Can I?”

Wheeler opens her eyes wide and looks toward Baker. “It’s up to us now.”

Another Blue Feather Octopus.

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