Old Mabel’s Plans

Old Mabel finally spots Unch at position 168/168 in the woods, but keeps her distance for now.


Using remote viewing, she dares to take a few close up shots. Amazing how the foliage of Unch and that neighboring brown cypress are so intertwined, Old Mabel thinks. They must be kindred souls.


Now that Spongebub, Snowmanster, and son Snowbob have left the scene, she’s becoming more and more attracted to their former home. Both Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker are encouraging Old Mabel to stay there if she wishes, but warn that she’ll basically have to take the place and its dated ways as is, since no objects can be rezzed on the property or dragged in from town. The advantages for Old Mabel are obvious, however. There’s, of course, the proximity to Collagesity in both a southern and eastern direction…


… then there’s the forest directly to the west.


Tonight she finds she can even just spot Unch from this perch at the parcel’s southwest corner. How exciting! she thinks.


The southern end of the Great Wall lies just north. Old Mabel wishes to explore its secret triangular passages mapped out by Baker Bloch a number of years ago.


And Carrcassonee in her Temple of TILE is next door as well. That’s another project Old Mabel wants to tackle: how to reopen decent communication lines with the town’s former chief deity.


She sits at what could be her writing and planning desk, wondering what to do with it. I’m sure she’ll come up with something.


Upstairs: the “closet” Snowmanster emerged from 2 days back.


Yes this could do very nicely, she thinks. Very nicely indeed.


“Oh my Goodness!” she says, looking at the time.

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