Mabel’s Continuing Adventures

Mabel begins to explore the triangular passageway within the Heterocera Atoll’s Great Wall mentioned recently in the “Old Mabel’s Plans” post. She’ll report later on her finds, if needed.


She came across this more interesting “community” of houses next to the wall about 2/3rds the way toward its other end in Athetis…


… and caught her first glimpse of the likewise famed, Linden based Second Life Railroad (SLRR) making up its western limit.


The unnamed community, Great Wall in back and SLRR just off camera in the front.


Returning home, Old Mabel discovers this tub with running water hidden in a small grove of flowering plumeria tucked in a walled corner on its eastern side. This would represent her last important landscaping find on the property.


She relaxes in the wooden gazebo next to the woods.


She attempts to play a game of roshambo (rock, paper, scissors, once more) with one of two nearby hummingbirds but of course the bird can’t respond.


Or can it? Because immediately after this, a *3rd* hummingbird manifests just down the cliff from her, in Rubi this time. At first, in its place — briefly — appeared to be a filled, upright burlap sack, but Old Mabel thought this could be the darkness playing tricks with her eyes (it wasn’t).



Old Mabel follows the flight of the bird until it stops and hovers at a particular spot about 50 meters away from her. She later learned this position is in the middle of a place called “Meeting Flat”, a name dating from Lemony antiquity.




The hummingbird then turns into *Unch*. How exciting for Old Mabel! Unch is obviously attempting to communicate with her. After standing in the middle of Meeting Flat about 10 seconds more, the tree then walks directly west (over Dead Dog Hump) to its rightful place in the woods at 168/168.


Unch strutting over Dead Dog Hump (dead center).

Unch at home base (right center).

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