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Nautilus City 01

From my new exploring base in Nautilus-Dido (which I’m just going to call Dido from here on out), I poked around my new island digs a bit this night and took several pics of the builds found on a couple of my nearest neighbors’ lands…



… plus a good number of the native Linden concoctions, like this ancient, horn topped lighthouse…



… and the island’s main harbor guarded by two massive statues of Poseidon. I’m sure I’ll be revisiting these statues more up close soon enough. I knew about them from previous explorations of the city-island, starting in 2008 when it first rose, Atlantis-like, from the sea.


Baker Bloch enjoys the sights, sound, and textures of a cluster of Linden ferns on the side of a hillock near the lighthouse.


More Linden plant groupings (green cypresses and flowering plumeria).


Baker recharges at a bar I can’t remember the exact location of; Nautilus city-island map on the background wall.


Then it’s on to the island’s main wooded section, which probably surpasses the Great Rubi Forest in size if not tree density. I plan to make a detailed examination of this wood soon if I decide to stick around the island through Baker Bloch. We’ll see…





The tree species are similar to Rubi’s as well: lots of brown and green cypresses, throw in a good number of eucalyptuses. But there’s more diversity of vegetation in the undergrowth; more diversity of ground terrain; more changes in elevation. And there’s also some big, nifty rocks — you don’t have any rocks in the Rubi Forest.



The elevated central city seen from a high spot in the wood. Baker can only make out high green terrain from this distance.


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