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Nautilus CI Explorations 03

East side of the inner harbor, with 12 Lb Mound in the upper right corner of the below picture. We’ve circled back around.


More tight packings of Linden plants.


In a colonnaded plaza there we find these red-violet crystals atop a pedestal. There are many crystals or crystal clusters of varying sizes, shapes and colors located around Nautilus City. They appear to be some kind of energy source, and probably inspired by Atlantean crystal theories.


Baker decides he better head home for the night. He runs past the Atlantean style house mentioned in the post before this one.



Details of its front; strong dolphin theme going on here.


Baker discovers an open, Linden owned square of grassy nothingness just east of the house. The exact center of the Hanno sim is found within.


Continuing east in Hanno, Baker then encounters yet another long row of Linden plants along a road, giant plumerias and underpinning ferns this time. Very nice.



More stone ruins at the east end of the row. We’re now on the edge of Hanno and Suniaton.


Baker runs north along the Hanno-Suniaton line to reach Dido and his new home again.


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Nautilus CI Explorations 02

More extensive ruins viewable from 12 Lb Mound. One wonders if they could be psychically related.


The house in the background of the above picture reflects the native Atlantean themes of Nautilus City better than most others. Details of a pool here, for example:


Ol’ Biking Baker turns right at the ruins to proceed to the southern shoreline of the island, following the Hanno-Yamm sim line.


Regular row of Linden ferms encountered in the next road’s median. Peculiarly, Baker has to hop over the median to reach the other side of the road and view the sea. Or else sprint a third of a sim west to find a proper opening between the two sides. Admittedly awkward design here by the Lindens.


The wonderful Nautilus sea, full of psychic shocks and surprises.


A higher prim Linden tree along the same road… looks to be close to 60 prims in toto. That’s a lot!


Baker catches his breath at a lower elevation plaza overlooking the sea. He spies underwater vegtation gleaming in the distance.



Just north of here, still in Yamm, lies the more open inner harbor region.


Baker doesn’t understand this square of non-Linden grass near its center.


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Nautilus CI Explorations 01

We start at a rocky rise formed in the joined corners of Dido, Anath, Suniaton, and Hanno, centered by a eucalyptus tree and adorned with Linden ferns. The sim of Dido is the location of my garden-temple, only about 100 meters from here to the nnw. Baker Bloch is still very close to his new home. His goal tonight: to explore the harbor area to the southwest of Dido. He was partially successful.


This wall Baker bikes along straddles the border between Dido (north) and Hanno (south). Nautilus City’s seemingly everpresent dark and light sculptpy cypresses have been planted on each side.


Just west, and still along the same border: a row of eucalyptus and green cypress trees. Baker pauses to contemplate the meaning of a disjoined piece of wall. Ruins like this dot the island city; really cool.


Then in the next block to the west, he finds a long, rectangular body of water, about 5 feet in depth, or up to Baker’s neck as he’s checking now. We’re still just traveling along the Dido-Hanno border.


Across the lane and in a forested enclave, Baker sneaks a peak into a frosted set of windows of what he thought was a small house at the time, but can’t really make out what’s inside. As he’s checking behind himself today again, he finds that it is a garage or hanger for, presently, a small helicopter, 3 tiny planes, and a convertible sports car. On the other side of the garage is a miniature runway about 60 meters long, complete with landing lights.


At the southwest corner of the same property is this highly detailed, 10 prim brown tree of unknown species. The leaves and branches of the tree are actually animated, as if waving in a breeze.


Another row of Linden trees (brown and green cypresses) along the western boundary of Hanno, where it meets up with Yamm.


And it is in Yamm where Baker Bloch reaches the harbor area.


He skirts past two squares of Linden vegetation — tight clusters of plumeria surrounding two central green cypresses in each case — to reach this interesting terrain mound projecting from the pavement.


He briefly perches on top to take in the view.*



Hucka D. later informed me that the queerly placed terrain projection actually has a name: 12 Lb (Pound) Mound, resonant with 12 Oz Mouse of course. He’s says it’s purposely created by the founding Lindens to help aesthetically compensate a mistake in the placement of the two accompanying vegetation squares to the immediate north that Baker just biked past here.

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Nautilus City Alliance notecard

I found an object giving the following notecard during my explorations of Nautilus City this weekend; surprised to see me mentioned therein, haha. I promptly joined the group. I didn’t include the landmark SLURLs in the pasting:

Questions about the Wonders and Nautilus City sims in general? Go to:

If you own or rent a parcel in any Nautilus City sim, we invite you to join the Nautilus City Alliance. (Find it under that name in Search.) We are a group for the land owners, residents, vendors, and designers of Nautilus City to use in communicating, marketing, and planning events and celebrations.

NCA organized the hugely successful first Nautilus City Annual Summer Festival – June 13-14, 2009.

The Ancient Nautileans built them, the Not-so-ancient Magellan found them.

And now our present day Moles have swept away the Invisibility Shield to reveal those Wonders of the Ancients in Nautilus City for all of us to enjoy.

The generous Ancients left us treasures, hidden passages, sunken ruins and many other wonders on land and sea.

Free treasures are marked (*) but click around everywhere…we haven’t found them all!

The Citadel:


The Eastern Flats and Bingo Strait:


The Western Flats and Harbor:

Rez Zones:

Don’t have a boat? Pick one up here:



SL Forum “Nautilus” thread with photos, discoveries and Jean Swashbuckler’s auction watch:

Thanks to Calveen Kline for the Rez Zone collection

For the map fans among you, Framboise Werribee’s site at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fivetruelove/2964384707/

SL Forum “Where In the World Is Magellan Linden” thread where explorers swap tales about the emerging Land:

One of the (if not THE) first Nautilus City landmark collections, put together by Nimue Jewel and available at:

Prokofy Neva’s Nautilus Navigator has snapshots, landmarks and observations. Pick up the latest issue from his parcel in Baal at the Promenade, just south of the Eye Pond.

Baker Bloch’s travelog, (and no, I haven’t found all of the Nautilus City spots he’s snapped):
[more precise link here]

The Lindens report on their marvelous new Land:





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