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T is for Thornberry



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Bigfoot Thoughts

Then of course there are the Mossmen…


… and Mmmmmmm’s, the original toy avatars I suppose you could call them. Both first appeared in the Jonesborough Toy Happening of 2008, the base event for the whole toy avatar phenomenon.


Hucka D.:

The Mmmmmmm’s came from Mythos, specifically Edwardston. You’ve figured that out, haven’t you?


Maybe. So it’s backwards from what Grassy wanted to do: fly the First Goodmobile (Firstmobile) to Edwardston and Mythos. The [Firstmobile] actually *comes* from Edwardston. Makes sense.

Hucka D.:

Sense it makes. They are the last living toy avatars in Mythos, after everyone else is gone, let’s say. But maybe they really come from Whitehead Crossing and its own Edwardston and Green Turtle and such. It remains a maze[ of meaning].


I haven’t figured out exactly what Whitehead Crossing is. I’ve been so focused on Blue Mountain and Bigfoot and Rediscovery this summer and, so far, fall.


Hucka D.:

It will all even out.


So Hucka D. had to buzz off to unknown destinations. Mentioned something about Burger King at Point-0, actually. Back to explaining Mossmen. So the purchasing of the first mossman, or the only mossman I still have, follows the pattern of other toy avatars such as Billy J. Thornberry (Billy Bob or B. Thornberry now?), because it cost me a dollar or less. The purchase took place about 25 years back at a Big Lots in this case, and I recall there was a whole wall of mossmen for sale. Shame I didn’t buy more at the time. Thus the source of the expression “there’s a big lot of ’em” sometimes spoken in my blogs concerning the creatures.



Hucka D. is morse coding me from Burger King now. We have more information on the actor who’s slowly but surely becoming as much a star as mmmmmm Grassy Noll and mossman Gene Fade before him. Toy avatar thespian Billy *Bob* Thornberry hails from Henrietta, Texas, with a brother or father named Charlie who runs — hold on — a company called Zigzag, which is a, um, buyer of peanuts? No: pumpkins. Pumpkins or peanuts — maybe pumpkin seeds. Hucka D. remains unsure.*


And a brother or son named Dean who sometimes dresses up as Jolly old St. Nick on Labor Day and as a, er, turkey — *not* a pumpkin, Hucka D. is reinforcing — on Halloween. Interesting.


Located further away are cousins Joy, Shannon, and Jimbob, with the latter some kind of softball oddball twin to Billy Bob and who once played 4th base for the Montreal Penguins womens’ oddball softball team. I think that means he was the catcher.

Then there was mother/sister/daughter Henrietta whose story will have to wait. End transmission.

Jimbob caught pretending to be second cousin Dean robbing the Thornberry’s house on Labor Day.


* In checking the region of Charlie, Texas, there is a large *pecan* farm (and Wicked Andy’s Insane Acres Haunted House!). Maybe that’s what Hucka D. was trying to interpret.


Zooming further out in GoogleEarth, we get this interesting moire effect from the bordering, square shaped plot. More signals?


Additional interesting sites from GoogleEarth in Charlie:






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Bigfoot Possibilities



This is a tough one, and what got me in trouble at Rust Spot in the Winter of 2013. Bigfoot, again, seems to provide answers; acts as a beacon into the future.

The junk supported the train track, and seems directly tied. Spool Table (seemingly also known as Brian Head) was central, but Big Chair remained separate.


Marble Race:

  • Longer train track; I could have extended Bigfoot’s track toward or around the swamp but decided against it.
  • More established marble pedigree for racing, like I had in childhood with Bob Underston, Big Blue Eye, etc. Greenilochs, by itself, isn’t enough. I need to think of recreating the old groups of Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow & Odd. Maybe I can somehow *build* around Greenilochs, a new character. Not too big, not too small. Just right, and mirroring the “just right” size of Bigfoot itself in microcosm.

But interesting still the new idea of “irregular” marbles as the females of the species (see: Diamondia below), beautiful in a very different way from the male racers.


Toy Avatars:

Marbles that use the train track are technically toys. But what I’m talking about mainly here is the human, humanoid, or animal character toys you can buy, for example, at flea markets, perhaps preferably bought in volume to bring in a randomizing effect. This was the case with the toys at Bigfoot. I found one vendor at the main Mythopolis flea market that sold little ziplock bags of toys for a dollar, perhaps containing 5-10 toys each. I visited him several times, and I believe always bought 5 bags apiece from him. I looked for him again this past weekend, but he wasn’t there.

Billy J. Thornberry was instead purchased at a local dollar store (Dollar Tree), along with a number of my other toys I have presently. One advantage there: you can buy several duplicates of the same toy (like I did with Thornberry).



Cool! I’ll have to think about getting the related toys around Thornberry (lower right corner) in the above picture.

We also must talk about the *souls* of the toy avatars. After all, we’re dubbing them avatars and not mere soulless toys. They have personalities. Toy avatar ensoulment is a large subject in itself, and relates to the souls of Second Life avatars like Baker Bloch and Hucka Doobie.

A new Dollar Tree product: I must have them!


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