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12 Lb Mound

I’ve found what I think is the exact shot from 12 Oz Mouse that is the *source of the mound*. It’s right before Mouse’s head gets pummeled by a meteor, when he’s laying on the pavement after falling down in a drunken daze. Mouse’s green body (on pavement) = the green mound (on pavement). I’ll share the accompanying video clip again at the end as well.



I mention meteors in several other posts of the Sunklands blog, including here:




Meteor, Impach, Inchelium.


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Punic Forest?

“Hucka D., the Nautilus Woods appears to be alive, just like the Rubi Woods.”

Hucka D.:

Yes indeed. The two know each other, borrow from each other. Diagonal. As you’ve guessed. The big black tree.


It’s not black but it’s a dark Nautilus cypress. It was just dark when I took the pictures.

Hucka D.:

Diagonal black. The peninsula is a place of contact. Meet Place [Meeteor?]. But not the food.


Makes sense. But what doesn’t really make sense to me is that the cypress doesn’t show up on an inworld map, unlike all the other Nautilus cypresses I know of. Like mine on my property there. The slurl is 244, 244, 24, I believe.



Here’s something interesting as well. The two sims the forest mainly lies within are named for words in a Punic language verse in the Roman play Poenulus by Plautus.* Punic is an extinct variety of the Phonecian language according to wikipedia. The sims are Thuulech and Ysthyalm.


* The verse:

Yth alonim ualonuth sicorathi symacom syth 930
chy mlachthi in ythmum ysthyalm ych-ibarcu mysehi
li pho caneth yth bynuthi uad edin byn ui
bymarob syllohom alonim ubymysyrthohom
byth limmoth ynnocho thuulech-antidamas chon
ys sidobrim chi fel yth chyl is chon chen liful 935
yth binim ys dybur ch-innocho-tnu agorastocles
yth emanethi hy chirs aelichot sithi nasot
bynu yid ch-illuch ily gubulim lasibithim
bodi aly thera ynnynu yslym min cho-th iusim
Ythalonimualoniuthsicorathiisthymhimihymacomsyth 940

And an English translation:

I worship the Gods and Goddesses who preside over this city, that I may have come hither with good omen as to this business of mine, on which I have come; and, ye Gods, lend me your aid, that you may permit me to find my daughters and the son of my cousin; those who were stolen away from me, and his son from my cousin. But here lived formerly my guest Antidamas. They say that he has done that which he was doomed to do. They say that his son Agorastocles lives here. To him am I carrying with me this token of hospitality. He has been pointed as living in this neighbourhood. I’ll make enquiry of these who are coming hither out of doors.

Tell me grey seal. I never learned why meteors were formed.

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Nautilus CI Wood 02


Baker sits on the edge of an aquarium shop porch in Hamilcar, looking into the eastern part of the Punic Woods (Ysthyalm).


Turning to his right, he then notices a darker tree that seems out of place in the woods; a different species from all others there.


He walks toward it, and is mildly surprised to find a Nautilus sculpty cypress. Although these kind of trees are very common in Nautilus City, this is the only one in these woods as far as he can tell.


And it also seems irregularly shaped in comparison to all others he’s seen of this species. More jagged.


Then another surprise: the tree is solid instead of phantom. All other Nautilus sculpty cypresses appear to be phantom. That is, you can walk/fly/run right through them. Not this one, however.

Baker checks the title: “LDPW non sculpty big cypress 2”. *Non* sculpty. Perhaps that explains why it *doesn’t show up* as a discernible object on the in-world map — again, in seeming contrast to all other of its species. And another kicker: it lies on the *measurable diagonal* of the Thuulech sim, positioned at coordinates 244, 244, 24 or so. In finding this, I immediately thought of Rubi Forest’s famed Diagonal. Is there a direct psychic link between the two Linden woods? My gut feeling is that this is so, however illogical the connection appears on the surface of things.


An inspired Baker examines more of the Thuulech diagonal. He stands in a tall fern along this line, looking back at the quirky and out of place Nautilus cypress.


Further in the woods, this green cypress tree also lies along the line, as does a brown cypress (not pictured). At 100, 100, 20, Baker encounters the sea.


His thoughts also return to that small pool with dark fish also in the Thuulech half of the woods, more toward its western edge.


He uses his disable camera powers to look underneath it, and discovers that the rock looming over the pool has an unseen, central hole penetrating all the way through. Is it a holy rock, then?


There are apparently many mysteries of this forest yet to be explained.


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Nautilus CI Wood 01

There are many interesting looking rocks dotted around Nautilus City-Island’s Punic Forest. I might take a closer look at each one later — make a list or a chart. You can see many on the in-world map as small, colored dots.


Each one seems different.




The peninsula Baker Bloch is sitting on below is what I’d consider the heart of the wilderness in a distinct way, being furthest away from the hustle and bustle of Nautilus City to the north, east and west. I also know now it has something to do with Grey Seal and meteors.


Two clumps of eelgrass lie on each side of the narrow isthmus connecting it to the shore.


Also, the west side of the peninsula lies along the western sim line of Ysthyalm, where it meets the complementary forest and water sim Thuulech. In the distance, Baker sights a rock that also lies right on this line, an obvious positioning.



Baker examines the rock in question, another “Sculpt Rock 1” which seems to be the prevalent title of such things in these woods.


Baker ponders the forest mysteries he’s seen while sitting atop a nearby hill, projection shaders on now.


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