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Past Bigfoot

Thanks to handy GoogleEarth historic imagery, we can determine that Bigfoot and accompanying Bigfeet Swamp were born sometime between April 7, 1994…


… and April 5, 1998. One of the cool things about this 1st known historic image of Bigfoot is that you can clearly see its 4 traversing roads, or — from west to east — Blue, Green, Yellow, and then Red surrounding the swamp (more commonly referred to in this blog as the Swamp Road).



The next decade and a 1/2 saw steady growth in Bigfoot’s defining small pine forest, which slowly but surely masked its roads from clear aerial detection.






By 2015, the Haze County High School had been gone for 5 years. An apartment complex had arisen across Leola Creek, actually allowing easier access. The pine trees stood tall against the wind. Bigfoot was about to become a happening place!

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