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Bigfoot Happening Stage 02 02

“Skyscrapers” on the edge of town, removed from most of the hustle and bustle so far.


The “art” of the city, once more. The railroad track is not complete and functional yet. That may come today when I go back for more Bigfoot art happening fun.


Spool Table and Smelting Plant.


Smelting Plant and Spool Table (opposite direction).


Smelting Plant.


Spool Table.


Lighted interior: blue mushroom and blue ring inside. Dinosaurs seem especially interested.


There are many stories to be found here, but only a handful worthy of telling.


The taller red-orange suit bedecked toy avatar here appears to be James Franco, mentioned earlier in this blog in association with Woodrow Wilson College. Looks like Miss Orange Mmm has taken a liking to him. Va va va voom! Blonde Star Girl throws her hands up in frustration. Perhaps she’s had enough of all this toy avatar nonsense.


Taum Suak toy avatar and his nice brick home just on the other side of the railroad track from his iron smelting plant. He has a smiley paddleball! His home might be the first one of the town, or built on the same site as an early cabin.


And there’s the original iron of the town again just behind it. The base!


Meanwhile, Taum’s wife Mina sits by her pool, wishing she could float in a boat.


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Bigfoot Happening Stage 02 01

The Spool Table.


Pulling back: the Bigfoot Toy/Junk Happening. We’re at stage 02 now. More objects have been retrieved from the Plateau of Raw Art to the immediate west. Toys have moved in. Model train tracks have arrived. We are in the meat of the event.

The below objects appears to be the top of a pressure cooker? Unsure, but I found it on the other side of the fence from the stadium track and thought: this belongs in the art happening. And now it is. It has also entered the lore of Bigfoot past, perhaps as an iron smelting plant or factory.


The railroad track circling this iron smelting plant does the same with the bottom of the spool table. A good number of toy avatars surround each.


Here they seem to be lining up, as in a queue. We’ll get back to that soon.


Bigfoot art sculpture. Art for the art, as it were, hehe. Perhaps it is comparable to, say, the ArcelorMittal Orbit erected for London’s 2012 Summer Olympics. Yes, that’s a good parallel.


On the other side of the tulip tree comes this red tower thingie, perhaps another piece of art for the art. Or maybe it has a functional role in the city, such as office space.


*My* metal chair…


… is now balanced by much smaller chair supporting the toy avatar formerly known as Lazy Sideburns Man, or LBM for short. But in his new incarnation he is probably known as Taum Sauk. Working theory. He is not the same as LBM, then, but a twin, purchased in the same Dollar Store though not the same exact toy, you see. Another theory: he owns or runs the iron smeltery that exists just to the back of him.


Back to that Spool Table queue: it seems to focus on this entrance into the table’s interior, where a blue mushroom and matching blue ring is found. It’s also at the end of the railroad line in this direction.


The track around the Spool Table’s bottom…


… and the track similarly encircling the iron smelting plant appear to act as counterbalances, much like the two halves of the ancient Chinese tajitu symbol. But what does it mean?


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Bigfoot Contemplations 02


“There’s the main part of Bigfoot, at the head of the swamp and the water inlet. Then there’s a secondary part across the swamp’s inlet. I originally saw that as the place of the main toy happening, Hucka D. But now I think it will be around the spool table.


“All the washers, bolts and nuts on it come from the football stadium stands. Then the smooth white rocks [on the spool table] were found on the track surrounding the football field. I think I just need to take more pictures of Bigfoot. Hold on…

“Then there’s the head of the iron golf club, to match the iron club already present in Bigfoot when I discovered it about a month and a half ago. 2 irons. Abundance of iron. Middle Game (ironing).


“I think all those sports balls are important, Hucka D.

“What else do I have so far? An old fire extinguisher, with basin and nozzle separated. 2 long pieces of fence wire, which I took to the, let’s see, the Green Road and stretched them out. Perhaps I could put washers on them, and nuts. Then I have several other chairs that are just the metal base. Then an old stadium bleacher bench. What I’ll get tomorrow: all that stuff at the baseball field I had to leave on Saturday. More of those tall metal thingies from the stadium.



Bigfoot originally named Irontown or Ironton or just Iron (or Irons?) because of the, ahem, iron. Taum and Mina Sauk were the first settlers, arriving in 1994. Taum was always complaining that Mina was constantly running her mouth, where artsy ideas cascaded out of her Brian Head brain.



Truth was, Mina might have been in love with Brian Head; always thought Taum too tall for his breeches (but Taum was Brian Head?). The second family to move into the area was named Johnson, who were shut-ins.


The Taum Sauks (conscious) and the Johnsons (unconscious) divided Iron (or Irons) evenly down the middle, as Jesuschrist “Red Line” Superstar’s black family arrived in town. The town was renamed Middle Game after an adjustment period. In 1998 Middle Game became Bigfoot following the completion of an extensive survey of Bigfeet Swamp, and to cover up, well, the middle. The Center.


The Taum Sauks and the Johnsons agreed to purge The Center out of the town’s  Holey (Play)book, making it at least partially unholey and leaving only wood shots and putting greens. They did this to withhold information from the masses about a black man currently attending Middle Game High School we’ve already mentioned, who later became Bigfoot’s first sheriff. But the masses were also The Johnsons?

The mysterious Head of Brian or Brian Head is nearby, where a playwright (Julius Cesar) wrote plays exclusively for Kirk Douglas, who also lived in the area as crazed method actor/painter Vincente “Red Line” Manilla, who must have been the same as JCSS, or perhaps took his identity. Little Liza Manilla might have been a childhood friend, whom he shared vanilla ice cream with at times on the condition that they didn’t talk about Judy. Boss Queue Brick could have been lurking as well, kicking around small white stones with round dented heel.


Kirk Douglas talks about going to high school with Jesus.

A square little fellow.


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Bigfoot Contemplations 01


“Devine’s getting married this weekend, Hucka D. Same time I’m fulfilling the toy or junk happening I named Bigfoot.”

Hucka D.:

Stage 1 is complete. You have some more junk to recover. You’ll have to switch from the red to the blue satchel. Red is dead. Blue is new.


Thanks for showing up tonight.

Hucka D.:

Always glad to help. Bigfoot is important. (pause)



I’m developing Bigfoot at the same time the skateboarders are expanding on their own happening at the Plateau of Raw Art. I’m taking all my junk from this plateau.

Hucka D.:

What do you have so far… lead in…


The spool table is very important, and something I didn’t plan beforehand. It was just there at the track, holding open a gate. I thought — what the heck. I rolled it around the track and through the [fence] opening to Bigfoot. Down that hill. Down through the roads. Red to blue to green to yellow back to red and fulfilled. The spool table is very important. Zigzag down the hill?

Hucka D.:

Yes (!).


And then the chair is the other very important thing. I had to have a chair so that I could look out at Bigfeet Swamp and contemplate and such. I had an option of 2 chairs at the Plateau of Raw Art, plastic and metal. The metal one was further away — at the old baseball field above the stadium and away from Bigfoot. I had to take it the back way, and that’s the final object I brought to Bigfoot on Saturday. But it was worth it. The spool table and the metal chair. That’s the base of Bigfoot. And I was able to put all the washers, bolts, and nuts on the spool table to sort out later. My hands were dirty after doing all that hauling Saturday and I had to force myself to get out my camera to take pictures. So I will return today.

Hucka D.:

I won’t say it — but you did.


I’ll make it up today.

Hucka D.:

Well. Anyway. You will go about 11 today. You will take the blue pack — red is dead. You will take train track? Toys? This is the fulfillment and culmination of your Blue Mountain summer.


I’m not sure.


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Bigfoot 02

The cattails and weeds are withering away, revealing more surface of the swamp.


On the first day of the happening, I focused on creating what turned to be out a side project to the main part which would take place later on in “downtown” Bigfoot (or Bigfoot proper). This is an as yet unnamed smaller berg, if you will, a tiny village of its own. It might be called Vincente? Anyway, here it is. As with the rest of the overall happening, all objects are from the Plateau of Raw Art.






This is called the In-the-way Fern, because it stands right in the middle of a path connecting Bigfoot downtown with the outlying area pictured above. Distance between the two: about 50 or 60 feet or so, I’m guessing, or about half the length of the swamp. Both lie on the old road almost surrounding the swamp, but the path between the two isn’t a part of this road.


Back on the road: Bigfoot proper from the west.


One of the straight forest roads above the swamp road, where I “stored” some other objects procured from the Plateau of Raw Art, like this old fire extinguisher. The disconnected nozzle of the extinguisher resides in Bigfoot Proper, however.


Spare Chair 1 and some more dilapidated chairs on the road above the one pictured above, the topmost in Bigfoot and the route used to directly access the football field. All of these objects are from the football stadium, along with the fire extinguisher.


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Bigfoot 01

It has begun: the Bigfoot toy/junk happening. It’s all built around the chair and the spool table seen pictured here, both products of the Plateau of Raw Art looming above it all to the west…


… as were these pieces of metal.

And everything else in Bigfoot except for the toys and model railroad track. But that would come slightly later.


Across the top of the spool table are splayed some of my smaller findings of the day, mostly gathered in the old football stadium. These include washers, nuts, bolts, and other fastener objects left behind from people taking apart the bleachers. And I have *one* of those bleachers as well, unused in the art event so far. You can also see some small white rounded rocks that I picked up from the stadium’s oval track running around the football field. And then I also found the head of a golf iron in the bleachers — that’s important to the growing mythology of the place, building around the fact that a full golf iron was already in Bigfoot proper when I first came upon it about a month and a half back now.


The metal chair was one of the harder objects to bring down from the Plateau of Raw Art. By the time I had gotten around to retrieving objects from the northern baseball field, further away from Bigfoot than the football stadium, some skateboarders had arrived at the old tennis courts above the stadium, bringing with them noise and potentially prying eyes. They seem to be expanding their improvised rink there, just like I am expanding the possibilities of Bigfoot on the other side of the stadium. Curious mirroring. But back to the metal chair story. So I knew I really wanted that chair as a centerpiece of the toy happening, but the skateboarders could see me taking it down from the baseball field as I had to go through the bleachers of the stadium to get back to Bigfoot. And they could also potentially see me going through the gate in the metal fence that acts as my main entrance to Bigfoot from the plateau now. My fear was that they’d even follow me down there, or go down there at a later time and potentially find and maybe even wreck my happening, perhaps taking stuff. So this is my rule: when the skateboarders are there I don’t use this main entrance. I now have a back entrance accessible from the northern baseball field. And that’s the path I first used or picked out when taking the metal chair and several smaller objects back to Bigfoot.


But doesn’t it look nice there perched above the swamp (!) It fits perfectly.


Details from the top of the spool table. Oh, I should mention that the spool table also comes from the football stadium. It was being used to prop open a gate to the field by someone. Unlike the metal chair, my plans didn’t originally include using it in the happening. But it was *there*, and I got the bright idea just to *roll* the big thing *around* the track and then down the hill through the dense pine forest until Bigfoot proper was reached. And it worked! I wish I had a film of the journey, however. Fun! And despite several crashes into trees, it remained intact.


Bigfoot Falls might have a new name: Mina (Mena?) Falls, after an original settler of the area named Mina Sauk, wife of Taum Sauk. And the pool below the falls becomes Mina’s Pool or Mina Pool as well. More on that soon enough. It’s all unfurling like a more complicated collage.


Bigfoot Proper from the pool.


Stream exiting the pool.


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